Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Perfect Example

Tonight started off weird. I realized, as I was getting ready for work, that I didn't have my server book. It wasn't the fact that I didn't have the book (I have an extra), it was that I had an actual paycheck in there and a few of my rantings. I tend to write while I work, rather than flip out on a ridiculous patron or management. It's worked. Well, I've had rantings in there for quite a while (because I haven't had time to blog them--after which, I typically throw them away), and I was worried that they had fallen into the wrong hands.
The first thing I did when I got in to work was go in the office. I asked one of the managers if he had seen my server book, which he had; he remembered puttin it aside since there was a paycheck in it. He and I, and another manager, searched the office, to no avail. I did tell him there were rantings in there, but I thought it was no big wup since they all know I blog. No book. So I leave the office for about ten minutes, and then I return. I see a book sitting right on the office counter, and I point to it (thinking that it's probably the one book I did find that wasn't mine). It was mine, minus the rantings.
I ask the managers if they have them--no one knows anything. I even asked the GM (he knows I blog too), nothing. I said something to a fellow server about it, and she said she saw "Manager" with them. When I approached him he said GM had them. At this point, I say, "Listen, I don't care who has them, at this point, I just want them thrown away." BTW, one of the rantings was a mock-letter that I would love to send to the owner, but going through with sending it would essentially be a waste of my time.
They give me this fucking runaround, which is pissing me off. Finally, I get really serious, and I the MOD to be straight with me. He said he read a couple lines, then gave it to GM, who read a little bit and threw it away. Why couldn't they just tell me that? Why did they have to be so cryptic and weird about it? At one point, MOD said something about my rantings expressing that we servers don't get ANY respect, and I believe this is a prime example. If they respected me, I don't care if they read it and threw it away, they should've just told me that. We're adults, not 10 year-olds playing keep-away with their little sister.
I shook it off after a little while, but it did piss me off. The rest of the night was fine. Made decent money for how slow it was. It'll pick up soon though--school's back in session soon.

Patio Monday Night.


KV said...

That's pretty shitty! What if you had been penning a few pages for a book you were writing and they threw it away? Not. Cool.

What WAS cool however, was getting to see you today my dear! :) Much love always - miss you already!!

Masquerade said...

I'm SO GLAD I found your blog! ^_^ definitely looking forward to reading after coming home from the month full of doubles I have scheduled. Yaaaay. (not). Anyway, thanks for writing. Can't wait to read!