Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're Engaged!

First order of business: the latest Blog Carnival is up over at Raging Server! Thanks Ribeye!

I really wanted to post yesterday, but I ended up closing, so it didn't happen.

My Hot Topic for yesterday was rotation. I really do not understand rotation in our restaurant. Scenario: The restaurant's full and we start accumulating a wait. I'm not really sure what happens, but eventually we end up holding four-top tables to push them together for the large parties that are waiting...even though we have a decent small-top wait as well. We seat the big-tops, crash the kitchen, and we're still on a small-top wait. The rotation needs to be moderated. We are a restaurant made for speed, and I have learned that "flat-seating" the kitchen is accepted and expected. It's weird. Personally, if the hostesses had half an atom-sized brain, they could probably figure out that they are controlling the flow of the entire restaurant. But they don't know a thing. They bend everyone over for two hours every night, we recover, and do it all over again the next day....gluttons for punishment I guess.

Today was a horse of a different color...I was in the first section, which usually = $$$ but the moron hostesses thought that seating me with one-tops for my first two tables was a good way to start a semi-busy Thursday lunch. I didn't really let it bother me 'cause people were flocking in, and I thought turnin' and burnin' would be easy. If only the breeze lasted definitely wasn't that busy, and even mid-shift was lame.

It was a fine day, one through which classic stories are born: Our establishment is full of windows--floor to ceiling--today, one of our hostesses saw a man take the garbage from his car and throw it into the parking lot. I was standing by the front door when he entered, and she said: "Excuse me sir, I need to talk to you. Our establishment is filled with windows, and we saw you take the trash from your car and throw it in our parking lot. Now it has blown everywhere, and will be someone's responsibility to clean. Next time, could you use the trash cans provided?" The guy was dumbfounded...and foreign...but he did apologize. I'm sure he was embarrassed too--the girl he was with met him at our establishment...she had no idea he was such a litterbug! I gotta say, I am ultra-proud of our hostess!

There is one peeve I have about the day, but, of course, I need to give a preface...On Saturday afternoon, I was scheduled to work at 4, but I went in about 50 minutes early, to get food. We don't have a break room, so we typically take one of the tables in the back two sections, and it becomes a server table. No big whoop. Well, the MOD (manager on duty) was in a "tood" (having an attitude and in a mood) and, even though the back room was EMPTY, he told us he was opening up all the sections in the back, and we would have to eat in dry storage!...something about us taking someone else's table in someone else's section. The back was EMPTY...I just had to say it again...Anywho...that same manager was working today, and, granted, it is a Thursday versus the Saturday I spoke of, but I want to point out that our back room was jam packed today. Interestingly enough, I see a hostess popping a squat at one of the tables in the back room. I couldn't believe it, really. Saturday, empty back room, make everyone go eat in dry storage...Thursday, packed back room, let hostess eat in someone's section, at someone's table--oh, yes, my friends, one more glorious addition to my list of inconsistencies within my current establishment. I didn't really let it get to me...I blew it off my shoulders, through to the ink, down into the pen, onto my little list, into my pocket, and onto my blog.

While I'm griping, I might as well add to the list in my previous post: Advice for Patrons

9. When I come back to the table a few minutes after the food is delivered, I am not doing it to piss you off at the start of your meal, but really to make sure that what's in front of you is what you truly wanted and desired when you ordered from me. It's really for your own good. If I don't check back, and I don't find out within the first two bites that your burger is medium as opposed to rare, how will I ever fix it for you? My point is, my coming to check on you is a direct invitation for me to get you whatever you need... don't be shy...I know people freeze up around their server, but please, for the Love of all that's Good and Holy, please don't NOT tell me what you need, only to turn around 30 seconds later and ask a passing server. That makes us angry.

Finally, a little bit of Karma. Late-night, last night, me and Bitchy Accomplice headed to the local Denny's to people-watch, get into a lot fight, save Denny's from mass destruction, and spread a little cheer. Denny's is a shit least the one we strolled into at 2:00 last night (this morning). Bitchy Accomplice and I had only been there minutes before a seven-top of ghetto kids strolled in. They were obnoxiously loud and rude...the way they acted in public would have put their mothers' to shame. And the poor server. He was tryin' to get their order right, but they were the question-askin-while-needin-a-refill-drinkin-extra-napkins-more-lemons-for-my-water-there's-a-hair-somewhere-can-I-get-a-free-meal-ghetto-ass-mother-fuckers that kept changing ridiculous. One fat bastard had three different plates of food in front of him...insane. The table from hell left right before we did, so I took a gander at the tip...$3 on one table $2 on the $5 on what was probably a $50 or $75...right?? Either way, it had to be more than $30--I just knew he got jipped, so I threw another $5 on the table. I didn't wait to see him find it...I'm sure he was smoking something out back by that point...unless he ran screaming from the restaurant, which is always a possibility. I just hope no one took it...especially the guy who was our server...he sucked! What should I expect, really, it was 2 a.m. Either way, I look at it as good restaurant karma--there is a difference.

Double tomorrow....wee!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


In lieu of posting yesterday, I expelled a lot of my energy commenting on a very disturbing blog. His opinions were in response to Raging Server's Tip Etiquette post. Asshole No-Tipper's blog is disturbing because even though he's European, and even though he has been schooled in the way of tipping in the States, he's still going to be one of those who just doesn't tip. I don't think anyone (especially Cheapy McValentine) should get to judge our profession until he has walked one day (a 12-hour day) in our shoes (the shoes that are so old and worn that it's a surprise one night, while walking through the kitchen, that you have a hole...then, you have to drive home after a 12-hour day with a soaking sock and aching feet); he can judge after he's dealt with assholes who don't understand that they are NOT his only table, been blamed for an incorrectly prepared meal, been stiffed after running like a maniac for a table, talked to like he was an idiot, had a big-top of teenage punks, AND dealt with senile people who change their order as he was delivering their meal. After that--he can judge us. Why don't we start a union and demand more pay? This guy doesn't know anything? Ugh. I was sooo worked up about this! I printed it, and took it to work--I had to share this man's ignorance, because evidently some Americans must feel this way too. If you are THAT cheap, and THAT lazy, stay at home and make a frozen pizza--uh, you know they mark that up too! Careful buddy.

I just don't get it. You sit there, and I get you ANYTHING you need, so you don't have to get up and do it yourself. Why wouldn't you want to pay me for that? AND I'm nice to you!!! I don't say the things I really WANT to say...

  • "Would you like a straw for your salsa, sir?"

  • "Did you read the fucking menu?"

  • "Let me guess, water, two full lemons, and extra sugar?"

  • "Do you bathe in Ranch, ma'am?"

  • "Jesus! You're going to eat ALL that?"

  • "If you ignore me, I'll ignore you!"

  • not to mention the various obscenities I'd like to scream in some people's faces...

Next topic...well, segue into next topic...I am constructing two lists (of course): Advice for Patrons and Advice for Employees/Employers. Here's what I've got so far...

Advice for Restaurant Patrons:

  1. You have come into an establishment to be served, eat good food, and visit with your company. You know that I will be approaching your table momentarily, and will probably require your attention. Please stop talking! Stifle your conversation for thirty seconds so I can do my job. I have been known to leave the table and not come back until the table waves at me. I'm sure you don't want that to happen, but if you are a gabber and this has happened to you, now you know why.
  2. No tappy--no touchy. Do not touch me, tug on my shirt, poke me, smack my arm, and the like. Tugging on shirts is what small children do when they are trying to get their parents' attention--I'm sure you hate it when your three-year-old does it, DON'T DO IT TO ME. I once had a table tug on my shirt while I was talking with another table...I didn't respond, but he persisted. I turned around and told him he had lost his turn. I'll say it again, You touch me, you lose a turn. That's it. I don't have any problem immediately dropping your check and silently kicking you out of my life. It's unacceptable.
  3. Don't steal my fucking condiments. Just don't do it. I have to go in the back, get new salt and pepper shakers, fill those fuckers, which always makes a mess. Whatever. It's just a hassle for all parties involved. So, don't do it.
  4. Do not shake your fucking glass at me. Wave to me, I'll come see what you want. Shaking your glass is rude and it makes you look like an asshole. Normal people let their servers come to the table. Some people think they are helping because that way I don't have to wall all the way to the table just to walk away, but then they don't mind asking me for a side of ranch every time I go to the table. Bottom line: shaking your glass is disrespectful. I hate it, and so does every other server I know.
  5. It never fails, the instant I go to take someone's order, they throw a chip in their mouth--then, they proceed to do the big-eyed, exaggerated, quick-chew, while pointing because I obviously didn't see you throw the chip in your mouth...So, please rise above the hunger, do what you have to do, but know that I'm standing at the table for a reason, chances are, I'm going to talk to you; so, don't shove something in your face before responding. It's rude and stupid.
  7. Clean up after your offspring. If you do not clean up after whatever bodily fluids, cheerios, baby food, spaghetti mess your child has left please compensate your server. I'm sure there are times, while you are cleaning up after your child at home, that you think to yourself, "I should get paid for this..." But then you look at your beautiful child and know that it is all worth it. Well, we don't feel like that AT ALL. If we wanted to clean up after your children we would have worked in a day care. We hate tables with children more than we hate tables of "waters with no ice," senile tables, and ghetto tables combined--simply because of the mess that is left all over the world once you are gone. If you choose not to clean up after your little bundle of joy, please compensate me...otherwise, it's just not fair. It's a smack in the face when a family comes in, their bill is $30, and they leave me $5 and a shitload of baby guck, schmutz, smegma, covered in cheerios, and hand prints all over my window. Thanks.
  8. At least ask before rearranging furniture. You're not renting the space, you are a guest, and we have allowed you a table. Just ask. It's fine that you're bringing all your friends to our establishment, but have the decency to ask permission. Thank you.

Advice for Employees

  1. Just say no. If I ask you if you want to switch/take a shift, please, just say you can't. I don't need your entire life story. I just need a yes/no, so I can take the proper actions.
  2. If you are not a team-player, you will be Black Listed, which means that the team will now, no longer help you.
  3. Talking about your sex-life with co-workers who are new/acquaintances, is gross--not to mention insanely annoying.
  4. If you can't take proper care of your tables ask for help. If you cannot ask for help don't get upset when I take your table.

Open tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Livin' the Dream

Tonight's shift was a "freebie"--I picked up for a friend, and considering it's a Tuesday, I didn't expect to make much money...$70 later I'm glad I could help. :)

People were weird tonight, and I wondered, at one point, if I was whispering because no one seemed to hear me all night. But then again, people were just weird is a full moon...
This one table, a 40-something couple, orders two burgers. I usually don't ask what temp because I figure they'll tell me otherwise. The woman orders her burger, then the man. He requests that his burger be cooked medium rare. At that, I did check with the woman, to which she asked for medium. I said, "Alright, that's our standard temp." The man, looked at me wide-eyed and cupped his ear, "Did you just say 'They're pretty much the same'??" Of course I did NOT say that medium and medium rare is the same because that's just idiodic. "No, sir..." and I repeated my statement. Why would I say something like that?? I guess some have...who knows.

Oh, I had this other guy--he and his wife and daughter are regulars in our establishment. The guy is kinda loud and brash at times, but his wife makes up for it with kindness and patience. Their daughter is surprisingly well-behaved, so somehow, it balances out. Well, just to preface, tonight we were out of linens, which we use to wrap tortillas with, so the kitchen was forced to use wax paper. When I came to check-back, the man says "What dingbat thought of using wax paper??" To which I replied, "Well, sir, when we run out of linens, we have to get creative. Sorry for the inconvenience." That shut him up, and his cute, passive wife just snickered. I heard her say as I walked away, "I told you there was a good explanation for it..." Teehee. What a douchebag.

Tonight was a short shift with a fun crew. Positive, light, and easy. Nice. It's about time. :)

Double tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

True not False

You can tell everything you need to know about a person by the way he/she treats your waiter.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Positivity Plan

In light of my resolution to remain a positive being while "on display," I've been writing down a list of things I absolutely love about waiting tables. This is definitely a list I will be adding to in future posts.

The things I love about being a server:

1. I love fat men who take the most obvious isle seat. This could definitely apply to fat women and children. Now that I think about it, this can also apply to families who insist their child's high-chair sit directly in the isle-way. I'm a big girl, and my restaurant was definintely not made with the big guy/gal in mind, but you do have to be conscious of it to a degree. I understand that the Law of Exceptions allows that there may be situations where the man/woman/child/high-chair has no other option, obviously, it is NOT their fault. However, when there is another option, and it is not taken--for whatever reason--I think they do it on purpose. Grrr.

2. I love tables who completely ignore my check-back. For those of you who don't understand the lingo, a check-back is done a few minutes after the app/entree/dessert is delivered--just to make sure everything is okay. I walked up to this two-top the other day, to do my check-back, and neither of them even looked up from their conversation. I just said, "Glad to here it, Ladies," and walked away. They're lucky nothing was wrong with their meals or I would have flipped out!

3. I love when the "App-Girl" fills the salsa bin to the tipity-top so that even the smallest ladle makes the biggest mess! Also with this bout of love, I want to include that she also waits to fill the salsa bin until someone is standing there scraping the bottom with a soup spoon. Then, she proceeds to take big jugs of salsa and plops it in the bin--salsa-ing the nearest server. (Just to clarify, we have an app station that is closer to the dining room--some appetizers and all the chips come out here, and there is usually one "app girl" running the show.)

4. I love the prospect of a Secret Shopper. The restaurant I'm in currently has the most secret shoppers of any restaurant I have ever worked in. We get two a month. (I've always experienced one secret shopper quarterly.) You know the signs of a secret shopper--everyone does--they come from the bar (sometimes, not always), or they order a bar drink; they order appetizers, and, usually, they ask questions about the menu. They each get entrees usually as well. Sometimes, another obvious sign is that the tables will ask for their server's name (which we are NOT required to tell them). In any event, if a server suspects a table of being a Secret Shopper, they immediately inform the manager, who does a table-call; thus, perfecting, yet another Secret Shopper.

5. I love people who order things "for later." Sometimes, as a table is ordering their meal, they will tell me of an entirely different drink they want with their dinner. This is annoying because I can't ring it in right away--I have to wait for your food. This creates a problem because I have some difficulty with short-term memory, and even if I write it down, I just won't remember to look. I don't know. Maybe I'm just a bad server, but it annoys me when people do this.

6. I love when managers refuse to buy a guests' meal when they blatantly found a foreign object in their food. A two-top of regulars (they are in multiple times a week), ordered their entrees only to find a hair in one of the dishes. The server (not me this time) took the entree to the kitchen, and they made the nice-old-regular a fresh dish. When the server was preparing the check, she asked the manager if he would take off their meal. It seemed as though, the only way this manager would take the food off is if they didn't want it remade. I guess that makes sense, but when you're dealing with regulars, I think they should get the "hook-up" every now and then. I like to hook up the regulars (which I really can't do where I work now). It makes them feel even better about throwing money at you! :)

7. I love moron hostesses.

8. I love being skipped in rotation.

9. I love when the bussers use clean tables to clean dirty tables. The busser went to clean one of my tables, and he proceeded to place his dirty-schmegma-covered-dirty-ass-tray on one of my nice clean tables, while he piled the crap on it from the dirty one. Ugh. That doesn't make any sense now, does it?

10. I love how kids meals tend to take FOREVER on a busy Friday night.

11. I love how guests pay so little attention they don't even know who their server is. I had a table the other night, who was a little consumed in their own world, but whatever. After I've dropped the check, I see them handing it to another server. (This "other server" is about three inches shorter than I am, has blond hair--I have brown--and she's nearly nine months pregnant.) I walk up to meet her at the table to see if I can do something--I am their server! As I'm walking up, I hear my table thank the other server, then she hands the server two fives and says, "One's for you, and the other's for the baby." What?! She's not even your server! I know I'm a big girl, but I definitely do NOT look nine months pregnant! Oh, how disturbing!

12. I love people who choose to sit at dirty tables.

13. I love campers. For those of you unsure of the vernacular, "campers" are those people who have completed their meal, received the check, made payment, and have proceeded to pitch a tent in their server's section. They pitch a tent, build a fire, snuggle up with blankets, and chat around the camp. Boo. If you are going to sit--compensate your server. What this means is, $$$$. If you are sitting two hours after you have paid, you have just cost me at least 2 tables worth of tips. I am basically paying you to stay there--please don't do it. Especially on a Friday night! Please! I'm begging! If you do plan to sit, make your server aware, and tell him/her that you will be compensating them for their time. Thank you.

14. I love when tables say they need something "in a minute." I get people all them time, who tell me they need something "in a minute." Well, considering that MY JOB is to anticipate your needs, would you mind letting me do just that. Today, I was delivering food at a table, and I asked them if they needed anything else, the man told me that he would need another diet coke "in a minute." He had nearly 3/4 of his gigantic diet coke, and I just nodded to his request, but part of my job is keeping an eye on tables to see if I can bring them anything, right? Of course you're going to need a refill--that's pretty much why I'm here. Other than refills I'm pretty much useless. Ugh.

So, there it is, my Lovely list! :)
I'll try to stay positive at work, but I think that means my blogging will be more frequent.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Round Table: Service Industry Blog Carnival

This Week's
Bitchy Edition
"The Round Table"

Welcome to my humble abode...Come in, have a seat--let's chat about this week's cream of the crop, the funniest of the funny, and some of the most original server posts I've read. I'll keep you up to date, point you in a different direction with some new-comers, and make you laugh like never before with some ridiculous stories/posts I found...okay, this is gonna be fun, kids! Shit, you might even learn something! :) Enjoy!

Raging Server's Ranch Rant is a painfully true story. Poor Ribeye, working with an abscess!—Much worse than ANY of my days! His story makes me feel like a complete bitch--I would've stabbed someone if I were in that much pain, and dealing with such dirty slime! Extreme Kudos to you, Ribeye, for sticking it out!

This week, Ali's guests played games and got a little too comfortable in her bar. She was forced to break some hearts (poor drunk regular). No worries, though, I'm sure he'll be back, cause she's "priddy" I don't know who's worse--flirty drunk man or weird, close-talker?? But Ali knows how to make it work and make that money! Congrats on the high score, Ali!

Even though Upset Waitress is taking a much-needed break from the serving scene, I know this won't be the last we hear from her! Enjoy your vacation!
UW's Winter Wonderland antics can put a smile on any Bitch's face! I think she and I must have been fellow-servers in a previous life--not only does she support the Kitchen Olympics, but she also likes to heat things up! :) In addition, I am pleased to announce that UW has finally posted an Official Disclaimer! Wow! That explains sooo much...FYI, the vocal chord paralysis is sporadic, and the brain lesions take a few weeks to heal...

The Carnival, this ever-expanding Round Table, is what introduced me to Restaurant Gal. Her charm goes unmet, and her perspectives are original and endearing. I'm definitely a fan. RG also shares a lovely story about positivity and "going with the flow" (an ability I tend to lack!), and keeping peace and serenity at work--I had to share. Delightful.

There's never a dull moment over at the Award Winning, Well Done Fillet! Manuel's suave moves and non-shakespearean vernacular make for an entertaining read.

Cassy over at Half Server/Half Amazing is having a productive week! Learning a new menu, and inventing delicious beverages! (I can barely make a margarita!) Well done! Also, Cassy has posted, quite possibly, the funniest video I have ever seen! Thanks Cassy! :)

Newcomer, Bitter Waitress...I love her already! Her posts are smooth, and her words ring crystal clear. My favorite post so far is retrospective, funny, and inspiring. And if that doesn't get you, her headline today will: "Passive aggression is not a game to be played by children like you." Perfect. :)

Insane Waiter and I share one inarguable truth: We both, admittingly, enjoy making the idiots we serve look like asses whenever possible! I love it! While you're perusing his sight, check out his post on tipping laws and taxes too! Get Educated!

Adding to his list of pet peeves, Lobster Boy discusses his feelings on patrons with obvious substance abuse problems. After a grueling Super Bowl Shift, I hope LB got a couple days off! Poor Lobster! I can't lie, I have a crush on the little crustacean...what can I say? He's hysterical!

I was amazed to read Dennis' article on the Natural Disaster-Themed Restaurant. It's a facsinating concept, but I'm not sure if hurricans and earthquakes are necessarily appetizing...

Last, but certainly not least, I am sad to announce a bittersweet end to a terrific blog! The creator of "I Server Idiots" has decided to move on to brighter possibilities after an 18-month stretch. Good luck, Ryan!

Well, there you have it, folks! The Eighth Edition Round Table is complete! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading!

Your Bitchiest,
Bitchy Waitress

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I realize that yesterday's post is completely contradictory--it's okay.
I think I need to bitch somewhere or I will explode...I just need to stop bitching at work...I'll save it for you fine people!! :) Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Slow Poke

I decided, after my recent post, and my nice, relaxing weekend off, that I should try going in with a positive attitude. I put in some good, upbeat tunes and headed in to open. I got there on time--yay!-- and open was kind of a breeze. Today was molassass slow...thick and runny, gooey, slow.Even though it was slow, I was working with a fun crew, so it made the day pass happily.

Tomorrow, being Fat Tuesday 'n all, we're having quite a little shindig. I ususally have off, but I thought it would be stupid for me not to work, with the opportunity of making money, and potentially, it could be fun! Who knows...stranger things have happened! :)

Today's lack of tables means that nothing happened worth blogging about. I've had a list going in my book for about a week that I haven't shared, so here goes:

1. Fear of Abandoment
I've talked about this topic before, and it comes in many forms. Sometimes, the patron makes me stand their while he reads the menu because he's afraid I won't come back. This particular note was inspired by the young couple, on, what seemed to be, a lunch date. I handed him the check, and he says, "I'm ready" immediately. So, I proceed to stand there, while he digs in his coat to find his wallet in the inside pocket, pulls out money, then starts pulling money out of his back pocket. I am not going to stand there while you fish for cash, Sorry. So, I turned, and slowly walked away...I didn't go very far, but I really hate standing there waiting for someone to pay.

2. Exceptions (a running theme)
I was sat a four top--mother and three children--very well-dressed, very well-mannered. Her children were under the age of 7, and they didn't get out of line once. All of the children ordered for him/herself--even the little one, he was probably three or four. Totally sweet. We had a great rapport, the kids liked me--I had them giggling :) Bottom line: $5 on $44. Thanks.

If you are a guest in my section, and you see me delivering food, but you'd like more chips, please, just try to make eye-contact and give me a little nod. I don't need you repeating, "Ma'am" over and over until I look up and give you a dirty look. A little respect please. Besides, any good server checks all their tables before leaving his or her should be habitual. Thank you.

4. The Most Amazing Thing a Guest has Ever Said:
"Eating here is like's never bad!"
~no comment

5. This Restaurant is NOT Your Living Room.
If you have sooo much shit that it won't fit under the table or comfortably on the corner of your chair, then leave it in the car! I know you people have all those babies, but I guarantee you, you don't use half the stuff in there during the course of your meal. Especially if your youngster is so young he doesn't even order off the kids' meal. Infants don't need that many accessories. Small children, yes, I know they need things to occupy their ever-expanding mind--so fine...make them a bag, big enough for them to carry, to bring in the restaurant. People travel with luggage these days! I really don't understand who needs all that stuff. And they decide that baggage claim is the isle in my section! We already jam-pack tables into our establishment, we don't need the one needs baggage....okay, I'm done.

6. Do NOT Bring Senile People in to an Establishment Without a Translator!
No explaination needed.

Close Dinner Tomorrow.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Okay, so a lot has been going on "behind the scenes" in my restaurant. I guess I've turned my bitchy-ness up a notch...I don't know...I am a happy person. But, I am jaded. It's a difficult position to be in--controlled by a career I hate because I can't find a decent job, and I have to pay my least. My life is dictated by the shifts I work each week. And, I hate my job. I am a slave to it, just as I am a slave to all the hungry people in the area...

I know I'm not the only one, but this realization has kinda put me in a funk. I've been re-reading some previous posts, and I don't have many good days...*Red Flag*

I do have to make some changes in my attitude...I have to learn to let things go.

I got to this point in the last restaurant I work in, but it took 6 years. I started there green, and left knowing more than I ever wanted to know about the restaurant business. (During that time, I also worked for three other places.)

After six years at the first restaurant, I had been planning a month-long trip, so I just told them I would call them when I got back to talk about the schedule. I was so tired of serving by that point--feeling similar to how I'm feeling now--that I decided I would never wait tables again. (Never say never, kids.) When I returned from my trip, I went in for lunch one day (alone) and talked with the manager. I never went back.
For the next three years, I didn't wait tables. But, when times get tough, and money gets tight (like it has been for the last year), the easiest and fastest way to make money is to wait tables. It is the truth. I think I just have a way of picking the places that make me work extremely hard for next to nothing, but fine-dining was never my thing. I can barely open a bottle of wine. I don't think I'd fit in...not with my potty-mouth.
So, now I worry that my job is in jeaprody because my attitude is sour before I even get there. I just don't want to be there. At all. I'm working on finding something else, but these things take time.
During that "time," I thought it would be beneficial for me to write down the perks of working in my restaurant:
1. I genuinely like (and get along with) the majority of the staff.
2. The food is delicious.
3. At close, the KM will let the staff eat what's left on the line.
4. We get a discount on food when we're working (Ammendment: Saturday and Sunday lunch-singles cannot order food. *Note: We do not get a discount on food if we're not working. The food we do get discounted we cannot take TO GO.)
5. I can walk out for a smoke break (if I ask permission, of course!).

Pretty measley list. I'll try to "add as I go," but this is all I've got.

Even though the list didn't work out as I planned, I am going to attempt looking to the brighter side of waiting tables--maybe the side that is so bright, it blinds me from seeing the all the shit that pisses me off.

I'll try.

Off tomorrow...Open Monday.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Loud and Clear

Today was a bit of a clusterfuck. At the start of the day, us servers were made aware of the computer repairs that would be taking place during a Friday lunch--the crash kit was brought into affect immediately. Ugh. You know it's gonna be a fun day when the crash kit comes out!
A crash kit is a set of server books equipped with price guides, old-school order pads with carbon copies, calculators, manual credit card slips, etc. This is used in the event of a computer crash.
So, fine. Usually, the crash kit creates a little more intensity, but that's not a bad thing is it?? As soon as the shift started, the other manager comes out to tell us that the computers were fine--we could ring checks in. Great.
A few minutes later we were told not to ring orders in because the printers were down. A few minutes later we were told it was fixed and we could ring orders in again. WTF?
At one point, I just took an order for a 6-top, so I went to the computers to start ringing it in, when a fellow server tells me that we were supposed to write them down again...Ahhhhh, so I find the nearest manager and ask what I should do--I was told to write it down. I went and wrote it down clearly and concisely, to ensure no confusion. I take the check into the kitchen, and get waved off and told to ring it in now. Are you fucking kidding me?? It took me approx. five to seven minutes to finally get their order in....and it still took 20 minutes for them to get their food!
I just think we should have stuck with the crash kits until we knew for sure that the computers were working. They could send test checks--we don't have to use our tables' orders as guniea pigs.
So, as we were dying down, I had a four-top of guys--fun table! Anyway, their food was taking a pretty long time--for what it was. They ordered simply--I could tell they were on their lunch break. So, after I realized that the check was at 19 minutes, I approached one of the two managers and asked if they would do a table-check. This manager told me that a lot of checks were running long--"Am I supposed to visit every table??" I didn't say this, but "Yes." Yes, you should visit every table if we're having check problems...that is your job, right?? The guys finally got their food, after they had been joking with me about leaving and going to McDonalds.
I didn't do too bad today--$50 and I didn't close lunch. I'll take it. I got rent paid, so lazy days are tomorrow and Sunday!!

Open Monday.