Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Enough

Today: *Off* / Server (closing)

I was originally scheduled to open today, but I preferred a night shift, so I switched mid-week. I was hesitant, because it was a hit-or-miss 3-table section: it has a (potential) 10-top and two small-tops (four people max).
When I first came on, I only had one table available, which was sat immediately. I like nights that start off quickly: they make the night go by so much faster. The other two tables ended up sitting for almost an hour after I got there, which was a pretty slow start to my night. As soon as those tables got up, it started rolling. Eventually, things were moving pretty quickly. We were definitely busy. I think my big-top only got sat twice, but I made $20 bucks off each. In addition, I shared a big-top with another server, and we ended up making $30 EACH. Great!
The night went relatively smooth. Although, first thing, the girl in the section next to me, dropped an entire glass of water down this woman's back. The bussers had butterfingers, and so did a few of the servers. I do have a patron pet peeve that I'd like to share. The section I was in tonight is positioned directly next to the host stand. Right in front of my section, next to the front door, is a computer desk with a POS, printer, napkins, etc. When we go on a wait, there is a lobby, but that fills quickly. We also have a little foyer that people stand in, but sometimes people stand right next to the computer table. When done tactfully, this is not a problem. Tonight was not as obnoxious as other nights, but at one point a group was standing directly in front of the computer table. Because the computer is there, it is a heavy traveled area, so every time we had to pass, we had to remind them that we were on our way, "Excuse me, folks..." I say with a tray full of drinks for my 10-top. The Stupid Group had a Stupid Man who was standing more in the way than any of his friends. Stupid Man kept grunting and huffing, sometimes scoffing when we excused ourselves through the pathway to the computer and our tables. One of my tables is positioned on the other side of the computer table and when they got up, Stupid Guy decided he'd be less in the way standing next to that table. It doesn't occur to him that another table will be sat there immediately, and he will, once again, be in the way. Finally, their table was called, and another Stupid Group took their place. This Stupid Group had a Stupid Girl, and she decided that the computer station was a good place for her ass to rest while she waited. This really pisses me off, so I make drastic, passive aggressive movements, such as shifting the computer in order to give me safe distance from her ass, and moving the printer. At one point, I was arriving with another round of drinks for my 10-top, so I actually asked them if I could use this workspace for just a moment. I made sure to emphasize "workspace." The only thing I can think of when this particular peeve affects me, is that if one of these corporate suits was trying to move through his/her day and someone was sitting on their desk, would that be appropriate? Do you go into the doctor's office, and if the seats are full, do you sit on the receptionist's desk? I think not! Why in the world would my computer desk be an appropriate place for you ass? They got the hint with the wobbly tray of bar drinks, but still. Do you really need to be reminded that people are working? I don't know. I think my two Natural Disaster (snow) Days really helped. If I hadn't had those, I'm sure this post would be extremely different.
As I said, I closed. We close at 11, so I always start cleaning up around 10:30. At 11, we sill had six tables in the restaurant, and one dude at the bar. So we did what we could, clean-up wise, and slowly the tables started to leave. Great. By 11:30, there was only one table, a 2-top, who had been there for over 2 hours. We did everything. Finally, at 11:45, my manager told us we could put up the chairs, so we started in the back...did a few sections...took out the trash...threw out the empty beer bottles.....swept....put up a few more sections of chairs.....did some more stuff....put up some more chairs....we started putting chairs up in the section next to them (actually, I was not putting up chairs at this time, the other closers were), but they didn't get the hint until all the chairs were up around them. Unbelievable. It's a last resort to put the chairs up around a sitting table, but come on! We had been closed for nearly an hour! We were ready to go!
Overall, I made just enough to make rent, which was the primary objective.

Tomorrow: *OFF* :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Got That Shift

Oh, the power of social networking sights. Facebook came in handy yet again. I posted a "shift wanted" add on my status today and had a response in minutes. It was only a 3-table section, but it was all small-tops, so I figured I could rock the house. Unfortunately, there was no house-rocking. The night started off slow. Initially, I was sat with a 1-top, then I was sat with a regular family who, are pleasant, are definitely not good tippers (and they leave a disaster behind). Not a great way to start the evening.
When I arrived, the President of the company was there, so everybody was on his/her toes. The MOD (Manager on Duty) kept asking people to sweep, so eventually, I just walked around aimlessly with a broom, searching for anything to sweep up.
After the suit left, the dining room finally filled up, but since I was rocking three tables, I was relatively bored all night long.
I was dropping food for the kid who gets weeded with two tables, at a 6-top of regular patrons. I recognized them immediately, and the woman who leads the pack is a complete and utter biotch. Her initials are ME, which are very appropriate considering her "But, I'm 'ME'" attitude. Because it was a 6-top, the order is rung in on two separate checks. This rule eliminates ridiculously long checks and helps the runners to not have to put too much food on one tray. If it can't fit on one tray, ring it in on two checks. Five items per check. Anyway, the second portion of the check came out first. On the tray was the food check for the table, one fajita with the fixins and taco salad and a side of fries. As soon as I "greet the tray" I hear ME hollering, "Who got fries?! Who got fries." No one was answering her, so I said, "No worries, Miss, we'll figure it out." I delivered the fajita to the woman sitting to ME's right. When I set it down, she looked at her friend and says, "Who's is that?" Well, for Fuck's sake, if it's not yours, then it must be the person sitting next to you. I continued to drop the food while the Weeded Server played stupid on the computer. I delivered ME's fajita with her fixins and she immediately dumped her entire portion of cheese on her fajita, looked at me and said, "This skillet isn't sizzling. It's not melting my cheese." I replied, "Would you like me to take it back for you?" "If you wouldn't mind...and, if no one claimed the fries, you can leave 'em, someone will eat them." Miss thoughts: Uh, fuck you bitch, you will not be getting fries for free when you're being such an ass. I promptly took the cheese-covered fajita skillet and the side of fries to the kitchen. They gave her a hot skillet, and scraped her cheeseness off on to the new one, then doused the skillet with this oil/spice mixture that creates the steam. I take it to her, and low and behold, the woman next to her has a cold fajita too. Weeded Server is still finding his way through the thick, and I'm being taken from my tables to deal with this schmuck. So, I take the other skillet back, get a manager, and finally see Weeded Server. I ask him if he can take his fajita, to which he replies in a huff, "Uh, no, but it's cool, just go." Well, the second fajita was fixed by then, so I took it out. A manager was at the table, and I heard ME complaining about the dirty rice, and how it was cold. The manager said, "Miss, did you taste it?" ME said, "Uh no, but the bowl is cold." MOD said, "The bowls are not kept warmed, miss, but the rice is. If you taste it and it's not to your satisfaction, I will deliver a another side for you" (or something to that affect).
It only gets better. Later, much later, I went outside to take out the trash. I got locked out from the backdoor, so rather than piss of the Ogre kitchen manager, I opted to go back in through the front door. As I approached the door, two gentlemen from ME's table were talking very closely with two other gentlemen. It seemed as though ME's men were interrogating the other guy. Come to find out, the Other Guy was from the table sitting right next to ME's table. Apparently, Other Guy didn't like ME and her gang, so at one point, he walked passed her and called her a "hag." At that, ME starting spouting off all kinds of derogatory things to these people. ME's Men supposedly followed the Other Guy out of the restaurant and started threatening them and beating on their car windows. I'm not really sure of the outcome. I know the police were not bothered, and I know that ME and her gang sat for an extremely long time. They were there long after Other Guy's table left. I'll get the scoop tomorrow.

That's all the excitement I can muster for tonight.

Tomorrow: *Off* / Server (Closing)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a Waste

Today: *College Closed* / Server

The college closed today, which extended my little reprieve, so I didn't mind one bit. I didn't even mind that I had to work at the restaurant this evening...and I was scheduled to close. This didn't bother me at all. What bothered me was that I made fifty lousy bucks! No one came out! The roads were clear! The sun did a marvelous job of melting most of the snow, but still no one ventured out to the cafe! I am still a little miffed.

The shift was fine, because the staff wasn't too bad...minus a select few. There is this (relatively) New Guy who thinks he is the shit, but not a soul likes him. He's a huge slacker, yet when he walks passed people he says things like, "You're doing a great job." He is a total tool box, and he is really obnoxious with his tables. I heard him one day thank his table for coming to McDonald's. Of course he was joking, and his table got a kick out of it, but how weird is that? It's almost like he was putting the restaurant down, but maybe they had a little bit of an inside joke or something. He fucks up so much too. Like tonight, he apparently rang credit cards for the wrong amount, and when the manager went to help him, he saw that New Guy's table had written the totals and the credit cards on the back of the check. How much easier can you get? Idiot. He was a closer tonight (there were four of us total, plus an extra because one of the closers was giving a ride to another server, so she stayed to help), and he did absolutely nothing.
When we go "down to closers" each closer has two sections (8 table max). Usually, closers are already in their Closing Section, but tonight was a little different. My good friend, Daisy, was closing with me, and her section got moved after cuts. New Guy took over her section, in addition to the one she ran all night long. We had maybe five tables in the restaurant, and New Guy went up to Daisy and said, "Hey, can you sweep 144? It's a mess, and I have tables around doesn't look good. I started to sweep it but remembered it wasn't my table." Really? You're so concerned about guest perception, sweep it! It's now your section, right? What an ass.
He then proceeded to stand at one table for about 20-min texting. He put up approximately 5 chairs, and took out a bag of linens. The guy is literally good for nothing. What a tool.
About a month ago, I closed with him. I always take initiative to start closing early to get a jump on the work. By the time the restaurant closed, there wasn't too much left, so I said to New Guy, "Hey, you mind putting up the chairs for us girls?" I was saying this in a way to make my request sound sweet. His response:
"I've been here for four months."
Miss: (confused) ...Um...Okay. What does that have to do with it?
New Guy: I've closed before, and I've seen girls put up the chairs.
Miss: Okay, then, let me rephrase, Why don't you do something to help your fellow-closers. You can start with the chairs.
With that, I walked away, afraid if I had to converse with him any longer, for fear that I would kick him. I'm trying to figure a way to "phase him out," but so far, all efforts have been in vain.

On a funny note, I mentioned how my friend Daisy worked tonight. Well, she loves kids. She one of those girls who "goos" and "gaas" over little babies (I loath them). Tonight, she had an 8-top with a baby, who was probably four or five months old. When Daisy initially greeted the table, they were removing the little girl from her little car seat. Well, Daisy was excited to see this cute little thing, and when the child emerged, Daisy squealed, "Oh, Hello!" The child immediately burst into tears. The table thought it was hysterical, and so did Daisy. Every time she returned to this table, that child cried. So much so, that the parents removed her from the table at one point. After that, the father was holding the child and covered her face whenever
Daisy approached. I really got a kick outta this.

Tomorrow: Secretary / *Off* (GOING IN TO TRY TO PICK UP A SHIFT!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Owe It All to Mother Nature

Today: Secretary (called out!) / *off*

Because of Mother Nature, my working stint has come to a close. After 24 consecutive days working, Mother Nature dumped buckets of snow on us, and I am officially snowed in. I'm sure I could trek my way into work, but considering the ill-preparedness of my state, I refuse to take the time and energy to drive to work when I know the treachery is out there. My state doesn't pre-plan ever. In fact, the college had a one-hour delay last week for freezing rain. It dumps snow balls and everyone's supposed to be in on time?? Forget about it. Before Christmas, we got less than an inch of snow, but because my state doesn't like to fund street clean up it took me 4 hours to get home (a commute that usually takes me 20 minutes). Unreal. Therefore, I've decided to save myself and everyone else the aggravation by just staying home.

Now I don't know what to do with myself....

Tomorrow: Secretary (probably not b/c we're getting more snow / Server (we don't close unless there's a State of Emergency!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Snoozeday

Today: Secretary / Server

The office is particularly annoying to me this week because I think I've mentally checked out. I'm tired of instructors complaining and not taking care of their administrative responsibilities because they think it's beneath them. Their resistance to this aspect of their position makes me irate, and it personally affects me. It's hard to go into specifics because of the nuances of the office, but I think you can get the gist of my frustration.

The restaurant was a little busy tonight with a 38-top in the dining room and a 20-top camped out at the bar. However, my big-top (6-8) was only at once...with a 5-top, and I had campers all night long. At one point, I had a 3-top of young-ish kids (maybe 20 or 21), two girls and a guy. They were very kind, but they sat for a little while after they paid. The guy paid: $2.50 on $25! Are you kidding?? I just can't believe the ignorance. I wonder if he just couldn't figure out the math or if he just doesn't know how to tip! Unreal.

Today I had a woman order one of our salads that features a choice of shredded chicken or beef. The description mentions this as well as the myriad ingredients that make up the culinary concoction. She and her companion were digging in, when I saw her wave at me. I go over and she picked up a fork-full of shredded chicken and says, "I ordered chicken. Is this chicken?"
Miss: Yes ma'am! Our chicken is pre-marinated and shredded.
Lady: Oh, yeah? Last time I came here I got the beef and it looked like this too.
Miss: Both the chicken and beef are shredded...You can request grilled chicken or beef if your prefer. Is the salad okay for you?
Lady: It's delicious! I just didn't know it came like this.
Miss: Enjoy your meal.

My last table of the night was a mother/daughter duo. When I approached the table, I set down a basket of chips and salsa, the mother put her hand on her chest and said, "Wow!"
Miss: I'm sorry if I startled you!
Mother: We just sat down and you brought us chips!
Miss: I'm sorry, Miss, I can check back if you'd like. (I call all females "Miss" -- if they're old, I'm pretty sure they get a kick out of it.)
Mother: No it's just, we just sat down, and you brought chips.
Miss: [totally confused]'s how we greet the tables, Miss. Can I get you started with drinks?
Weird. I don't know if she was impressed that we offered complementary chips, or if she was confused that I brought them without her having to request them. Either way, it was just a weird way to start the table.

Pretty laid back evening overall.

Consecutive work count: 24

Tomorrow: Secretary / *Off*

Monday, January 24, 2011

'Tis a Pity

Today: Secretary / *Off*

Today I am having a pretty serious pity party for myself, and you all are invited!! Today is my 23rd consecutive day of work, and I'm pissed about it. If I'm not at the office, I'm at the restaurant.
I have this thing that I've done for my whole life, whether it be for school or work, which is to ask my Voice of Reason (my mother) when I can take personal days. It's not a permissions type of a thing, it's a Jiminy Cricket kind of a thing. Usually, she's pretty objective, and she knows how hard I work, so she will tell me that I deserve a Mental Health Day. Most of the time, she tells me to "buck up" and take it like a man. We all work hard for a living.
Well, she's getting annoyed with me because every Sunday of this month, I have asked Jiminy if I can call out on Monday. She's totally right when she says that I'm trying to get ahead and by taking a day off from the office, I'll set myself back financially. I don't get paid days off. It sucks. Once upon a time, I thought mental health was more important than the all-mighty buck. I know that taking a day off isn't a crime, but why do I feel like such a criminal for not wanting to come to work??
So, I'm sitting here, at the office, waiting for the time to come when I can run out of here screaming. Just to turn around and come back tomorrow. Looking at my schedule, I work seven days again this week, so my next possible day off won't be until February 6th.
I brought the pity; now, you bring the party.

Data Collection Results: Week 1

This week, I collected data to determine if waiting tables averages me more per hour than secretary-ing. The results from this week are in. I worked four shifts this week, and although I averaged different amounts each night, my cumulative average for the week was $15 an hour. Not too shabby.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making Up for Lost Time

Today: Server / *Off*

Last night I closed, and this morning I picked up an open, so the in-between did not give time for blogging.

Last night was pretty busy, although I didn't walk away with as much as I would have liked. We started off pretty slow, but soon filled up, then it died kinda hard. Cuts went up early, maybe around 9:45-ish, and I only had one table after cuts went up.
I started cleaning what I could around 10:30. Around 10:45 I heard the front door open, and I turned to find a rather large man with a bandanna at the host stand. I approached him, and he asked, "How late ya'll open?"
Miss: Our kitchen closes in fifteen minutes.
Bandanna Man: Aww, so ya'll ain't makin' no more food, then huh?
Miss: Sir, the kitchen is open until 11:00. If you can order in the next five/ten minutes, there shouldn't be a problem.
Bandanna Man: Aww, well it'll prolly take 'em that long ta figure out what they want.
Miss: (shrugs her shoulders) I don't know sir.
With that he turns and leaves the building. I continued cleaning, getting ready to close. I took out the trash (or something) and when I returned, there were 7 people being sat. I was floored. That man promptly went to the parking lot and got his entire family. The server (E) was miffed--I wouldn't have been very nice to these people. As she was making their drinks she told me that they were still waiting for two more people. Are you kidding me? She told them they had to order in five minutes with or without the other members of the party. I found out later that the other two people who came late did not order because they arrived after 11. I guess it's because I'm in the industry, but I would NEVER go into a place when there was only fifteen minutes before closing, especially with my entire family. The kitchen got the food out in record time.
In other news, last night pissed me off because the MOD (manager on duty) was on my proverbial nuts. I said those exact words to him after close, and he informed me that he was frustrated because he feels everyone half-asses things around here. You think? Of course they do, that's the example they've been given. No one stays consistent and no one follows through with any of the new initiatives unless the "suits" say so. I'm over it today, but last night, he just would not leave me alone! Apparently, he was on everyone's nuts.

Today I woke up in a funk, and I snapped at my BFF, and for that, I'm truly sorry. Funny thing, is that she likes it when I funk out because she says I'm snippy and a little bit funny. I don't know. All I know is that I woke up this morning having absolutely no desire to get out of bed. I did not want to go to work. I'm glad I did. It was worth picking up, although it was pretty slow.

I'm going to try to get to bed early so tomorrow is not so tough.

Monday: Secretary / *Off*

Friday, January 21, 2011

Short and Sweet

Picking up tonight was clutch. I was in a 4-table section: three small-tops (max 4 ppl) and a big-top. I came on early (5:20) and was immediately given a table, followed by another, and another. Triple-sat right off the bat. Not a bad way to start the evening. (It's best to get busy early on so the night flies by, in my opinion.) They were holding my big-top for a 12-person party, which I wasn't too happy about because we have to split parties of 10 or more. As it turned out, I was sat with a 9-top instead. This worked out perfect because I didn't have to share the table. Well, the host-stand (actually the new GM) annihilated me, continuously seating my other tables. After the 9-top got their food, I got caught up, and things started to slow down. The 9-top ate, they all ordered drinks initially and continuously throughout their meal. Great. They ate, ordered another round, I cleaned up, boxed their food, they ordered another round, some people left, and those who were left ordered another round. They were seated at approximately 6:00, and five of them were still sitting around drinking at 9:00. Then another person joined them. They had it planned all along. The knew they were going to sit and wait for this other chick. Luckily they continued ordering, or I would've been pissed (however, one of the girls at the table was on her 9th Jack and Diet, which I thought was a bit much. She wasn't acting crazy though, so I didn't feel the need to cut her off.) They left me $10 over gratuity in the end, so it worked out beautifully.
Other than that, I had rather pleasant tables. Some were not very good tippers, but sometimes pleasantries go farther than pennies when you work in an industry full of jerk-off assholes who think they know what it's like to work hard for a living. Wait tables. Scratch that: Secretary.
I actually had a table compliment me to the manager, which is rare. That's what the MOD (Manager on Duty) said too. Generally, it's those patrons who are upset that will complain to management. Complements on the service are few and far between because those who leave happy don't see the need to bother the manager or tell the server. So, it was nice.
Overall, a profitable and relatively easy evening.
I'm hoping the same for tomorrow night's shift.

Tomorrow: *Off* / Server

A Prime Example

Today: Secretary / Server (I got a shift!)

In an effort to stick to my plan, I'm posting now, rather than later. I just finished my "shift" at the office, but I have an interesting story from the day.

Around 11:30 this morning, the phone rings:
Miss: Good Morning, This Department.
Student: Yes, I was calling to see if Mrs. DC (Department Chair) was available to meet with me today. I'd like to get signed into a course.
*Side note: The semester started two weeks ago. Today is the last possible day to add classes, and at this point, a lot of instructors are not allowing adds because those classes that meet twice a week have already met four times; therefore, any late students have two weeks of work to catch up on in addition to the new material. It doesn't set students up for success if they add a class too late in the game.
Miss: Unfortunately, Mrs. DC is going into a meeting. The meeting is scheduled to end at 12:30, but generally the meetings run long. Would you be able to come in around 1:00?
Student: It's taken me weeks to get off for today. I work.
Miss: I apologize; however, if you've been trying to get off for weeks, you could've called me, and I would've been able to set up an appointment for you.
Student: Whatever bitch. *click*

Did that really happen?? Yes. I immediately shared this information (as well as the student's name) with my faculty and the DC. Funny thing, immediately after the meeting, around 12:45, the student called back. Mrs. DC was on another line, so I asked the student to hold. She held for approximately 3 minutes before hanging up. Around 12:55, she was in my office, in my face.
DC agreed to meet with the student, and when she confronted the student about the language she used with me, the student denied having said anything. Whatever. I told DC to tell students that the lines are's beside the point now.
The student left through the rear entrance of the office--I think she did that so she didn't have to face me, but that's just my opinion. She did not get granted permission to join the class. And I will NEVER forget her name.

Tomorrow: Off / Server PM

Late Night. Quick Post.

Tonight was also relatively smooth. Figures. However, it is rather late, and I'm suspecting a long morning of cleaning off my car and shoveling my driveway. Great. Regardless, I made a promise to myself that I would be more diligent with this, and so it goes.
The thoughts weighing on my mind are not really related to tables or peeves, but to my current employment situation. I really hate being a secretary. I hate it more than being a server. I never thought that was possible. It is. People treat servers like shit, but there is an underlying blanket of respect covering their food as it leaves the kitchen: (most) people don't want to piss off their server because they know that we are in charge of their food. It's important to them. Secretaries should have that same blanket, but generally, they don't. The general public sees secretaries as peons for the man. Just like servers, secretaries make things run. Without them, the business crumbles. With secretaries, shit also always runs downhill. Even though I get paid next to nothing, have no benefits, or paid holidays, I'm the one who gets a raft of shit from the "suits" when something goes wrong. Servers can blame it on the kitchen, or get a manager to deal with the irate customer because we only make $2 and change. We don't get paid enough to deal with the shit as servers, and even as secretaries, but somehow, in an office, that's just what happens. At least that's what happens in my office. I do have support, don't get me wrong, but on a whole, I'm the one who is questioned first before anyone in any given situation. It sucks.
This week, I've sent out my resume for two job postings, in hopes of getting out of this life. As the week went on, the feeling of hatred for the office weighed on me, and by today, I'm brainstorming about how I can potentially quit secretary-ing while searching for a new job.
Funny thing: I have a job. Serving. What if, I quit the secretary gig, continued searching for alternate employment, and served full time? Currently, I make more hourly serving than I do at the office, but it's always a gamble. I spoke with my manager tonight when I got into work, and he said he could guarantee me five or six shifts. I really need seven, but the beauty about the industry is the ability to pick up shifts. There is always someone who doesn't want to work. Still...a gamble. He says he'll give me five or six, but when this particular manager started writing the schedule, I sat down with him, told him how crucial this job is to me. I then opened my availability to seven available shifts, with the hope of getting four. For the last three weeks, I've only been scheduled three shifts. I just don't get it. There is another manager who is showing some interest in trying to take the schedule over, but he screwed it up last time, so who knows what's going to happen. These are my brainstorms, but I've come up with a usual.
Rather than hastily put in my two weeks tomorrow (oh, I really wish I could), I am going to average my tips for the next few weeks to see what I'm averaging hourly. If it comes out to a substantial pay raise, then I'll take the jump. Until then, I will continue to send out resumes for alternate employment to eventually get me out of both industries all together.
Good night.

Friday: Secretary / *Off* (I really should pick up a shift!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Walk in the Park

My plan was to blog, so here I am. It figures, tonight was smooooth sailing. I was nervous at first, but it turned out just fine.
I was scheduled in at 5:30, and there was a reservation for 6:00.
Thirty adults. Great. No kids!
They were prompt, and most of them were foreign.
I was sharing the table with one of my favorite people: a definite plus!
When they first arrived, a man approached us, ordered appetizers for the entire table and told us he'd be taking care of the bill. Even better. No split checks!
Most of them ordered alcoholic drinks.
There bill was over $800 when it was all said and done (amazing for our restaurant).
Gratuity: (approx) $136.00
He added: $20
We tipped out the bussers, food runner, and bartender, which left us with $62 each. Not too shabby. I only had a couple tables other than that, which isn't that great, but it was a nice, easy night overall.

Tomorrow: Secretary / Server

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thinking and Doing: The Plan

Today: Secretary / Server

Happy New Year! ...and all that jazz. It's been a while, I know. Unfortunately, blogging has, once again, fallen out of my regime. I've been thinking a lot about it though...thinking and NOT doing. Therefore, I've come up with a plan. I'm off to work at the restaurant now, so I plan to come home, and I will blog. It needs to be done to vent out the day, and because it really does help me.
I'm not sure if it's the weather, or thoughts of personal impending doom, but I'm just not my chipper self lately. I'm bummed. It could be the winter blues, but whatever it is, I have to do something about it. Writing has always helped, so that's where I'm starting.
Actually, I feel better already.

Tomorrow: Secretary / Server