Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Class

Today - Class: NOON - 2:50 / Server (Close)

So, I just wrapped up my once-a-week class, which meets Fridays from NOON - 2:50, but I'm still getting used to the timing, so they were dismissed pretty early. It happens.

This class is soooo different from my Monday/Wednesday (MW). MW students are engaged, they are talkative, they are ready to discuss and share their opinions; whereas these Friday (F) students are a bit different. I do have three girls who sit up front who are engaged and ready to learn; there are also two boys who sit close to the front who are also trying to actively stay on task.

Like most first days, some students came to class without the textbook. Only three people actually had their books. Two of the "up-front" girls asked if they could go purchase their books before we got started, which I had no issue with.

Once the girls returned, I pulled up the Power Point and started diving into the chapter; there was a gentleman in the back of the room who was standing behind his chair. I asked him if he was okay, to which he replied that he was, but he still didn't sit. A few minutes later I mentioned how his standing was making me nervous. He informed me that he stands in all of his classes. "Good to know..." I replied. Who does this cat think he is?

I went over the Course Guidelines, which included the use of cellphones being prohibited, and a few minutes later, he was on his phone. I said, "Are you looking stuff up back there?" He quickly put his phone away (well, he hid it behind his pack).

He was sitting/standing next to a girl he clearly knew previously, and I instructed them to share a book, since Standing Man didn't have one. At one point, the class was asked to read a selection about Charles Darwin. When I noticed he wasn't reading, he said, "I don't have a book." I said, "Well, your friend does." He then took her book, picked it up, and put it directly under his nose, clearly showing that he could not read a selection while sharing. So, I promptly took my last semester's edition out of my bag and handed it to him.

I'm not messing around! This kid must think I'm someone to be played!

What a way to start the weekend! Ugh!

Tomorrow - Double: Server / Server

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KV said...

I really hope you put this punk in his place. That is disrespectful and he needs to stop testing his limits and get put in his place. WTF?