Friday, July 18, 2008


I am hurtin' for cash! I worked last night, which was a bust--but I was out by 9:30, which is great in our place (and, now I'm even more depressed because I figured out the math, and I made shit). Tonight, I did pretty well, considering it was pretty dead for most of the evening. Big Heads are in town again. The Regional GM (RGM) and the new President of the company--that's super big. Everything was changing. They took away our rolling station, and replaced it with the highchairs/boosters/slings. I approve of the this change because the boosters were likely to topple at any moment, and guests (and employees) have knocked a tower over from time to time, and that's dangerous. I've even seen a stupid host pick up a highchair and nearly slam a guest with it. They just weren't in a great spot. But, I am disliking it because now they are talking about not letting us roll silverware during the shift. This sucks because I like to keep up on it, so we don't have to roll a TON at the end of the night. We had to roll 90 tonight, and it sucks. If we keep up on it, it could be half. Anyway. (I usually just let all the hoards take all the silver, I do my sidework, and clean my section, and by the time I'm finished, there's barely enough for 90--I work around it most of the time.) The Big Heads are here tomorrow too, but I don't think they'll be staying too late into the dinner rush. Everyone's just all uptight. And big-headed.
I don't really like to talk smack about my co-workers on here, but this girl pissed me off! She's in good with management, particularly the GM. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason she still works there. She's mean to the rookies, and she's mean to the guests. She can run tables, but not very happily. This is all contradicted by the fact that she's a loud-mouth, too-much-make-up-wearing-perverted-35-year-old-who-goes-after-18-year-olds-bitch. When I first started, she tried to sabotage me. She's just dirty. But, she's in good with the GM, and I learned that nobody wins against her, so I decided to be cordial, but not go out of my way. One day, I got her back for the sabotaging, and I spoke with GM friend very frankly about the things that she was doing (crushing chips on my tables, spilling salsa on chairs in my section, sweeping shit into my section after I cleaned it--shit like that). So, yes, I tattled. I don't care. But, from then on, she was nice to me, whatever. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. That definitely comes into play here.
Well, tonight, I was a little busy, not in the weeds, but pushin it. I was running a credit card, when I see this girl and her trainee (yup, and she's the meanest trainer ever--ridiculous) dropping my food. I realize I hadn't brought a side-plate for the man's entree, so I run to grab him one. The way our restaurant is set up, people are sitting on top of each other. Tables are pretty close together, and sometimes, I can see it being uncomfortable for the guest, but people fill those tables. It was a two top, and she had already given the woman her meal, I got the plate, but the tray was in front of me, the trainee, in front of the tray, beside bitchy lady, in front of the table. I reached around gave her the plate, and told the man I'd grab him a refill. I thought that gave her time to finish dropping the food, and I was still taking care of the table. She said, right in front of my table, to her trainee, "She should really drop this." Meanwhile, I have a credit card slip that I need to give to a table who is ready to leave. I didn't leave her dropping a six-top. Then, I saw her heading in to the office with GM. I got paranoid. She loves telling on me. I went up to another manager, told him the story, and told him that she was in the office spewing her evil on GM. The other manager went in, and told me that she was telling on me, but there was something else more serious that had nothing to do with me. Fine. GM never said anything to me, but that doesn't mean he won't wait for another day. She's such a super-bitch, I can't stand it.
That dampened the evening, but then my sister, her husband, and their two friends came in and sat with me, so that made everything better...for a little while at least.

I picked up tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

wow. this bitch has got to go!!! I HATE evil co-workers like that. Get her out of there already. Try writing a scathing e-mail, anonynmous, of course to the GM about her rude service and profane language. Have a fiend sit in her section and then make sure they get her in trouble. If you were in Boston, I would gladly help you! Servers like her are the bane of our existance!