Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whatta Wednesday...It Happens...

Yeah right. Lunch was dead. I was off by 2, so I had a decent break. Dinner was busy for a minute--we actually went on a wait.

You know, I consider myself to be a good waitress (I'm pretty sure I started another post this way, but whatever), but sometimes, every now and again, I am not a good waitress. For the last couple weeks, I have been fucking up more than usual...stupid stuff, really. This one night, I was talking with a table about their choosing one of two appetizers. They chose the one, I ordered the other. It happens. We have a lot of "combination platters," and this one lady ordered one, but they look the same on the computer, and if I have an impatient server behind me, I get, la, la...I ordered the wrong combo. That also "happens." It just keeps happening. Tonight, I had a three top--mom, dad, small child (probably 6 or 7). They ordered an appetizer that I absolutely forgot about, and none of the other servers felt they should run it, so the table got their food and no appetizer. Boo. Then, the lady wanted me to wrap her taco salad, which has a huge, stupid, gigantic shell around it, that she hadn't eaten. I usually forewarn my table that I will scoop out the inside, then give them any of the salvageable shell, but for whatever reason, I was too busy, or she was too preoccupied with her beer, that I just didn' happens. When I got back to the To-Go station, I saw that we had no bags, so I wasn't able to properly seal it for her. When she got it, she opened right in front of me and said, "What happened." I told her that we didn't have boxes that would adequately fit the large taco salad, so I scooped and salvaged. She seemed somewhat satisfied with this, but I still wasn't sure, so I even had my manager do a table luck they were a secret shopper. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!!!!)

Dinner tomorrow.

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Food Service Ninja said...

when you notice your in a screw up trend you have to ask yourself two questions?

1. Outside of work is my life going ok? Got to be able to leave life at the door when you get to work.

2. When was the last time I too an extra day or two off and just screwed the time away sleeping, running errands, and/or catching a movie or a concert?

If its 1 take a few days off to address your outside life and if 2 do the same but use it as ME time.