Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tonight was fine. Tonight was actually one of the better nights I've worked. Morale was good. Good staff. Good. I didn't make great money, but I was out of there at a decent time (and did well for the actual time spent). Anyway...
I think part of the reason tonight wasn't that bad was because I hadn't worked in a week. It's crazy the things that happened while I was gone. There are new bartenders, new servers, new managers, new drama (another senior quit). Just a lot of shit. A lot of shit that I didn't have an opinion about because I wasn't around. It felt good. It really did feel good to be detached.

Dinner tomorrow.


The Woman said...

Did you hear that Johnny Depp left his server a $1300 tip? Is he awesome or what?

Bitchy Waitress said...

Oh, he is so amazing. It's no wonder why I love him so! ;)