Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy Week

I certainly have been busy this week. I started my other job, and I told the restaurant I would work an extra shift (4, rather than 3). Needless to say, I haven't been extremely motivated to wait on hungry patrons. Last night, I was the QUEEN of giving away tables. I didn't want to deal with anyone. Sooo, at 8:15, when it was dying hard, the hostesses started to set up a 10-top in my section. She said that they weren't all there yet, so she would stall for as long as possible. I was so scared that I was going to get that table. I didn't understand why they wouldn't just give it to a closer, but whatever. I ended up approaching the closing manager like this, ", may I express a concern?" I proceeded to tell him that I was worried that if I took the 10-top I would be there all night, and I have my new job in the morning. All he said was, "I'll take care of it." The next thing I know, he put cuts up! Way too early! Two out of the three closing servers were relatively new, and there were still people walking in the door. I feel partly responsible, but then again, I have no control over what the manager decides to do, I was simply asking if he could give the table to a closer, just so I wouldn't have to be there all night with them. I would have taking another small-top if need be. Whatever. I did my side work and did what I could to help. They seemed okay when I left, but they were "jammin' " (as my mother would say).

I have a funny story. A couple nights ago, there was a table of six in the section next to mine--four adults and two children). The one small child was a boy around 5 or 6, the other, a toddling little girl. The boy had on those "wheelie" shoes (sneaker with a wheel on the bottom of each), so he was "wheeling" around the table the whole time--and the whole time, I was dodging this little kid. So, at one point, I was going up to the table sitting parallel to the Wheelies, and I had a stack of plates in my hand. I wasn't really paying attention to this small child at the moment because I was focusing on my table. Well, next thing ya know, this kid "wheels" out from the table and slams his head on the stack of plates in my hands. I know it hurt a little. If not from the blow, from his embarrassment. I apologized quickly, but I was pretty angry at this little imp and his no-discipline parents. I threw the dishes in the wait station, kinda pissed off, and stormed to the kitchen. I needed to scream, and it was coming out no matter what! I freaked out for a minute, re-gained my composure and went back out into the dining room. I immediately went back up to the child to make sure he was okay, then I turned to the table I was trying to take care of before. When I went over, I apologized and said, "Before that little catastrophe, I was going to ask if ya'll needed boxes." The girls laughed, and the one said, "We wished you'd have hit him harder!" Awesome!

Patio tomorrow night!

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