Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Entitled: Appalled

This semester the students have been crazy. This is actually an understatement. I've never before experienced people who are so utterly incompetent, and it scares me for the future and well-being of our nation.
On a daily basis, and especially during registration, students have appointments to meet with their academic advisors. In my office, there are two different departments, and, therefore, nearly 13 instructors (a.k.a. academic advisors). Multiple times daily I have conversations that sound like the following:

Miss: Hello.
Student: I have an appointment with my advisor? (Yup, they ask it like a question.)
Miss: O.K. Who is your appointment with?
Student: Ummm....[looks at the displayed business cards]...I can't remember his name...
Miss: [annoyed, but trying to stay patient] O.K. What's your major?
Student: Ummm...I'm not sure.
Miss: Well, do you want to do This or That?
Student: That.
Miss: What's your last name?
Student: Doe.
Miss: So your appointment must be with Mrs. B. I'll let her know your here.

Are you fucking kidding me? Sometimes they know their major, but not their concentration, which makes a difference in my world. Regardless, they generally walk in with the idea that they are the only student, seeing the only instructor. Personally, I love when they show up a half hour or an hour late for an appointment, then just ask for another advisor. We divide the students by last name and distribute a certain portion of the alphabet to each instructor. Although we are sometimes forced to redistribute the alphabet, we like students to see the same advisor. Students who have been around for the shuffle don't see any point in the organization and want to be seen by whomever. In the front office, we try to hold the line, and unless a student is exceptionally unruly, they generally reschedule, begrudgingly.

There are a few students who are exceptionally entitled, and they are nearing a secretarial confrontation. The new Department Chair (the Flatulent Fearless Leader) was once a full-time instructor, so there are students who are nearing completion of the program who have seen his promotion. There are two in particular who walk in the office, point to FFL's office door, then proceed to walk right in. The problem with this is they have no boundaries, and if there are other students in the office, it sets a poor example. The even bigger problem with this is that FFL allows the behavior to continue. If they were held to the same boundary across the board, they would eventually learn that people don't just stop for them.

I was convinced that this had something to do with generation, but I've seen this behavior in grown adults. I'm not sure what it is. Society. Societal norms. Overall need for instant gratification. Something like that.

Tomorrow: NO SCHOOL! / Server p.m.

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