Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Salutations Ring New Pet Peeve

So, something has begun to annoy me, and it needs to be voiced! During the course of my day, whether in the office or at the restaurant, I extend salutations, such as "Have a nice day," or "Have a good night!" Interestingly, when I say these things, if the person to whom I've directed said salutaion is not leaving at that time, they feel the need to tell me, "Oh, I'm not leaving yet," or "I'm coming back!" Well, here's my thing: Accept my salutation! Regardless if you are coming, going, staying, or leaving, I will send a salutation your way. I don't need to know your whereabouts, the status of your meal, or the fact that you are just leaving the office to make a phone call; just take the salutation! Accept it, without the nonsense!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging again Darby. I've showed many of my coworkers your blogs and we think they are great. Indeed, we have "blogging moments" in our restaurant too. One girl I work with, Brittney Jae, was certain that you work at our same chain restaurant, but on the east coast. Adios