Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Funny Story

I have a little bit of a funny story...
Preface: At the office, it really annoys me when students come in and just assume that I know why they're there, or who they've come to see. It's part of professional development to properly identify yourself. If, in the course of your identification, you are recognized, then you may proceed accordingly, but up until that point...I mean, come on!

Funny Story: First thing this morning, a young, female student came into the department. She was a bit quiet and had a Gothic flare, but not full-on Goth (Goth-esque). When she came in, I was walking to the printer, so I stopped short to greet her. She walked right up to my bubble. I took a step back and said, "Can I help you?" She looked around and down the hall and asked for her instructor, Mr. J. I asked her if she had an appointment, and she said that she did not--she just wanted to ask him why she couldn't see grades for her last few assignments (on the virtual grade book).
"Well," I replied, "grades were due on Monday--"
She cut me off, "I have an Incomplete for the course."
Miss: "Then you will not see a grade until you have completed the coursework."
Goth-esque: "I have the work right here." She showed me the pile of paperwork in her hand. This actually made my head spin a little bit. Luckily, Eileen was walking up the hall, and saw that I looked troubled. She took it over from there, and I quickly escaped to the file room.
Eileen was able to help the young girl, or so I thought. Nearly three hours later, the door opened, and in entered Goth-esque.
Miss: "Hello."
Goth-esque: "I'm back." (This made me chuckle a little bit.)
Miss: "Okay. May I help you?"
Goth-esque: (annoyed that I didn't know exactly who she was...even though I did...teehee) Uh, I was here earlier for Mr. J., and now I have to turn these in."
I promptly went back to Mr. J. to see if he wanted to speak with the student. He did not. When I returned to the front office, I explained that Mr. J. was busy and asked if she could leave her assignments with me. She complied. Our general practice is to have students sign their assignments "in" so we have a record. She immediately begins complaining about the fact that she is not left handed. With visions of the classic Princess Bride scene, I envisioned her tossing the pen into her right hand and continuing to fill out the sign-in sheet. No such luck. Laboriously, she filled out the paperwork.
Finally, after she left, I inquired with Mr. J. as to why she received an Incomplete. Apparently, she suffered from a sparring accident. Interesting. And a little bit funny. (I know that sparring and fencing are different, it just struck my funny bone a little bit.)

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