Monday, December 31, 2007

Ringing in the New Year, Bitchy Style

I picked up a lunch shift yesterday (Sunday)--usually I have off--but Sundays are usually money-makers, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I made decent money but that's only due to a few generous patrons, everyone else...amateurs.

Table #1: Five-top at table 51 (a grown family: mom, dad, two grown daughters (mid-to-late twenties), and what seemed to be the weird son-in-law...little did I know, they were all weird). They were all so somber looking, but in their Sunday best, so they looked sharp...just kinda miserable. I hate when tables come out to eat when their pissy...Why torture yourself and those around you with your misery?...but I digress (as usual).
So, after I brought their drinks, I noticed that their chip baskets were pretty low. I asked the gentlemen if they wanted another basket, they responded, so I moved to the other end of the table to ask the women:
"Ladies, would you like a fresh basket of chips?"
"Yeah, but I'm not sure when," one daughter said blankly.
"Oh--" I started to reply, thinking, What a weird answer. But, then I realized that they weren't even acknowledging me; I had walked in on a conversation. The one daughter actually looked right at me, but remained silent. I just walked away. Yes, I brought them chips.
For lunch, all five ordered the same exact thing (give or take a side item)...weird. Before I set the last entree down, the father-man looked at me, and pointed around the table saying, "One...Two...Three of us are missing biscuits." Then, without missing a beat, the entire table began to pray. I didn't even have time to respond (or maybe I was just extra slow...who knows really), but still weird. Oh, I don't have a problem with folks who pray before their each their own...I must admit, however, it did take me by surprise.
After a while, I noticed that the one daughter (the same one who "eyed" me earlier) had pushed her plate forward, so I offered to take her plate (there was barely anything on it). She looked at me blankly, without saying a word. I know you can talk, bitch, just answer the question! Mom spoke up then and said, "No, she's not finished." What?? She is grown woman...I just don't get people sometimes. Bill: $51 Tip: $7.00. They loved me...

Table #2: Late 40s, early 50s couple. The were in around the same time as #1, so my patience was already kinda thin, ya know...
Woman: "I'll have the 'steak dish.' "
Man: "I'll have the same exact thing."
Me: "The 'steak dish' sir?"
Man: "Yeah, what she said."
Upon delivery the man tells me he ordered the chicken version of the same dish. "Oh, I thought you said you wanted the exact same dish, sir?" No, of course not. New dish (made promptly for once!), New beginning...I guess. Tip: 18% I'll take it.

Off tomorrow...double Wendesday.

Happy New Year!!!


KV said...

I've always felt kinda weird about prayer in restaurants - when I waited and when I'm dining. It's like public singing - makes me feel kinda embarassed, but not for any reason I can put my finger on.

So anyway, the toddler learned how to pray and now insists we do it at every meal. Sometimes twice. And during desert. And sometimes in the bathtub. I'm getting over my prayer in restaurant phobia like it or not.

I had a point... can't remember it now... Will go pray for brain cells to return....

The Platypus said...

In the hospital we get people who want to pary over sick family members, it's not unexpected or anything, but one time I notices a group at a patient's bedside. "Weren't they at another bed a littel while ago?" Turned out they were going around and praying over everybody. "No, you need to leave. Now."