Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Longest, Most Annoying Day Ever

Going in at 12 was cool--I took my time getting ready, and went in ready to work (trying to ignore the fact that I really didn't feel well--scratchy throat, slight congestion, a little foggy).

I picked up lunch, and I was scheduled to close dinner. I didn't even think about getting someone to pick it up for me--I figured I picked up the shift, and I have off tomorrow, so I can sleep it off.

One of my first tables was my family, so that started my day off happy (even though my niece was a bit grumpy).

Then, the day went to shit.

It was steady, and that was good, but tables were just annoying! Lunch was quick. I was given a break around 3, only to be called back early to take a nine top of "waters with no ice" or "waters with 'lite' ice"--ugh. They were extremely high-maintenance, and just a pain in my ass--the one tween kept calling me while I was taking care of other tables! I wanted to ring his neck! They left leaving nothing more than expected (and they even had the nerve to ask me for the treat that comes with the kids meal, and the child didn't GET a kids' meal!!). That nine-top took up my three four-tops and I had another six-top in my section, so once they left, I had three open tables. Ironically, the six-top I had also left, so my section was completely empty for approximately 8 nano-seconds.
We had a steady stream of people coming in and the first million went into my section at once--for a second, I thought I was having one of my famous work nightmares--then I realized, it was real, and I was living my own personal hell.
After that literal quadruple-seat, my ass was on the floor. I could barely talk because of my stupid scratchy throat, and I just started to feel exhausted. Some friends of mine came in, and I barely had time to stop by and chat. :(
I was getting even more annoyed (if that's possible) because there was a football game on. I don't understand football--and even if I could, I don't think I have the patience for it. But, I don't really care about it--if it's on, it's whatever. As long as it doesn't directly affect me, I'm good. Well I had tables for about a three hour span, asking me to check scores and shit--Get up your fucking self! "Sorry, sir, I don't speak football." I said cheerfully to the retired man with the college sweatshirt on (you can say anything you want with a smile on your face!). I just don't care about football! I want to bring you your fucking beer, so you can eat and be happy, but take the ten-foot walk to the bar and find out for yourself--who knows it could be fun! Apparently, asking their waitress is more fun! Yippie!
Randomly, this dude I work with asked me if I wanted him to close for me--the question was answered before it was asked! But the night just droned on! Cuts didn't go up until almost 9:30, and the dining room closes at 10:30 (the bar stays open until 11:30). I didn't get home until 11:30--I should've closed, I guess, but it's whatever.
Sales = $1,075
Tip-out = $38!!! (Bussers = $13; Food Runners = $15; Bar = $10)
In-Pocket = $150
I'm home. I'm clean. I'm aching. I'm getting sick. I'm getting tired. I'm getting into bed.

Off tomorrow...Open Monday.


Ali said...

It's always more fun to ask the waitress the score. Always.

Rest up, have some soup. I hope you feel better. I was where you are about a week and a half ago. Not fun.

Upset Waitress said...

A well deserved day off. Long shifts like that piss me off to no end.

Bitchy Waitress said...

Thanks ladies! I slept in real late, and spent the day with mom--home cookin'! :)
Still kinda sick...still trying to ignore it...hope it doesn't stay for long.