Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mucho Molesta

Today sucked. It's becoming more evident every day how much I really need to get out of the food industry. Resolution, here I come!

I opened this morning--the day started out fine. Another warm January day...Lunch was decent, but died quick. My regulars came in...I haven't seen them much since the New Year. It was good to catch up, and that helped lunch go by quickly, I think. Cuts did go up pretty early. I decided to go home on break, though, because I was already feeling the effect of the restaurant. Between actual work shit, and stupid work drama, being in the restaurant all day is exhausting! Going home kinda gives me a fresh start.

Sidenote: A girlfriend of mine, from the restaurant, called me (she was also on break) to tell me that, as she was driving home, she thought she saw another friend of ours (who works with us) in an accident on the other side of the highway. Unfuckingbelievable. All I know is that she is conscious and coherent, so that is positive--no serious head trauma. I had to go back to work, so I wasn't able to call the hospital until after my shift, but she was admitted. I hope to know more soon. *Sigh*

Work. Ugh. I was working with some great people, but once AGAIN, they pushed my fucking tables together! That just made me pissy.

I had a series of those, I-know-your-job-better-than-you-do," tables. I had this older couple (70-75) who just wouldn't let me do my job! As I'm reaching for the cup of salsa on my tray, he asks me for more salsa...I smile and set it down. Later, as I'm heading from the wait-station, with their refills in my hand, they hold up their tumblers (*real high*), pointing and mouthing, "Diet Coke."

Mobile woman: This lady who got up three times throughout her experience to come ask me for something. Weird. I was giving them attentive service (there are times when I'm a bad server, but this time was not one of them)--she really just couldn't wait, I guess.

Story of the night would have to be this douche bag who thought he could create his very own menu item. Modifications happen...then, there are those people who just invent something. Bastardos! This man today took one of our classic "wraps" and butchered it. Then, he asked for avocado--NOT guacamole! Avocado. What a dick. This is just annoying because we only use avocado for guacamole....this man's "wrap" did not use the entire avocado, so the rest was waisted (eaten by the kitchen staff). But still. Bill: $17.67 Tip: $3.32 Oh, you're welcome, sir. (I did charge him for the avocado $1.95....I thought that was a steal!)

Word of the day: avocado :)

Dinner tomorrow.

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Ali said...

Avocado, avocado, avocado.

We make an avocado spread for the BLT, and we call it guacamole when we put it on top of the nachos. We also used pre-mashed avocado paste-type stuff, so anyone asking for just avocado is SOL. :)