Saturday, January 5, 2008

This Means War!

Today was frustrating because, it was probably the busiest lunch we've had all week, and everyone was still feeling lazy, so they chose to do nothing. We were not that busy...just busier than we've been. There is no reason why someone couldn't make iced tea or get ice. Like I said, this week has been pretty slow, so I guess everyone was still asleep?
We have two wait-stations: one in the front of the restaurant, by the bar area, and one in the back. I was mainly using the front one today, but at one point I realized that the back station didn't have a fruit slicer (lemon cutter); so, since it wasn't that busy, and the girls in the back had a large party plus a couple tables, I thought I'd cut some fruit for them. Then I realized that they had no ice. Oh, and no one had made iced tea (it takes 10 min. to brew). So, I finally get around to check my tables, and when I go to grab another iced tea, there were no tumblers. I get tumblers, and find the front station out of tea. It just seemed never-ending.
I don't want to boss people around, but they leave me no choice...

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