Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome to Saturday

I went into work feeling pretty mellow--I was scheduled to work in the VERY back section (last in rotation), so I figured I'd have a slow start to my day. I should have known better. As soon as I clocked in, I was sat a 2-top, immediately followed by an 8 and a 4. They were sat so close together that another server said, "Is this a joke?" Nope. I was steady all night. Tables were one too terrible.

At one point, I was sat with an 11-top. When the hosts sat them, she told me that they wanted a birthday cake, but I couldn't order it at that point anyway, so I kinda brushed it to the side. Then, my manager came to me telling me that the table requested a birthday cake. Still too early-on, so, again, I couldn't order it. Then people from the table told me. Despite my multiple reminders, I managed somehow to forget their fucking cake. I consider myself to be a good server, but when shit like this happens (it does from time to time), I get so mad at myself. I just couldn't believe I forgot their cake! I'm such an ass! They were fine (I redeemed myself in record time), but I felt like a such a schmuck. Ugh. Okay, I'm over it.

My Pet Peeve for the evening stems from the actions of a fellow server. I really like the particular server, but this act really got under my skin. I was pre-bussing a big table, speaking to the table, and I hear him calling my name--loudly. I turn (with a nasty look, undoubtedly), and it turns out he had a menu question--an EASY menu question. I answered kindly, considering we were on display, but I wanted to rip his face off.

My last table of the night was a 6-top who waited a very long time for a table. As my manager was seating them, I could hear the man talking to her about all the tables that were sat prior before him who should have been sat after him, blah, blah, blah. Great. I hate going up to a table that's already pissed. So, I greet them, with all smiles, loads of chips and salsa, and quick drinks. I got their food to them quickly, and my manager bought their appetizers. They weren't mean to me, but they weren't super-friendly either. They had three kids ranging in age from 9 - 13 (an estimate, of course), and they all got kids' meals...our kids' meals are insanely cheap. Their bill was only $39, and they left me $4. That makes me wonder if they were a) ignorant on tipping standards, or 2) pissed off from the start. Either way, fuck 'em.

Lunch tomorrow.

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