Thursday, November 29, 2007


Honestly, today is like a blur a little bit. I'm not really sure how I got through such a slow, long ass day. Actually, I was in a pretty good section for both of my shifts, so I didn't do too bad. I got a couple nice tips...
Sometimes tables bother me more than they would another day...does that make sense. I don't know. I was really impatient with a few tables today.
At lunch, I was sat a three-top of women. I actually recognized one girl from high school! Ugh. Whatever. So, I greet the table, all smiles, "Hi Ladies!" I set down a basket of chips ans some salsa and try to cut in, but they are engaged in conversation. I really didn't have the time, especially considering I didn't even want to wait on them anyway, but I was really trying to make the best of it and just do my job. They just wouldn't stop talking. So, I walked away. They didn't like that. I did a couple things that only took two or three minutes and returned to the table.
"We're ready to order." Great. The rest was fine...18%...I didn't expect any more.
At one point during lunch, I was dropping food for a table outside of my section (a four-top of women, and there's only two entrees on the tray). So, one is not eating, the other has the salad, and two are sharing a burger. As I'm setting the burger in between the sharing women, I say to them, "I will bring two plates over for you?" but the other two women are gabbling so loud, I guess the 1st sharing woman didn't hear because she proceeds to ask me for a plate. "Yup, I'll grab two." I turn, and 2nd sharing woman hollers for me, "Excuse me?" I turn, annoyed, "Yes?" "Can we have some plates?" I had visions of shaking her. I didn't even respond. I returned with the plates, and as I was setting the ketchup down, 2nd sharing woman starts to ask for it, she stops and looks at me apologetically. I know I gave her the nastiest look as I walked away, relieved I didn't have to wait on that table. Not that mine were that great.
This is something else I love when I'm at a table:
I greet this table with the chips and salsa, and before I've even set down the salsa, the entire table is reaching for the chips...the first meal in weeks apparently. So, I manage to hear their drink order amidst flying chip wads and massive mastication. I bring back their drinks, and they grunt that they are ready to order. Most of them manage to suppress their yearning desire to reach in for more chips long enough to give me their order, but there is always 1...he states his entree, which obviously comes with a side--it says so in the menu...oh, yeah, I forgot cool people don't read the menu, they only want to order fastest and commence shoveling as many chips into their mouth as possible. So, he orders, and I proceed to ask him what side his wants, as he has one chip in his hand--headed for the hanger. Rather than wait to answer before inhaling said chip, he tosses it in his mouth and answers me while chewing. Where do these people come from??

Opening tomorrow...(trying to pick up a dinner shift, but so far it's been really tough.)


KV said...

Oh god, I hope I'm not one of those nasty chip-shovelers.... But they are just SO! DAMN! GOOD! And they are all hot and shiny! And salty! And... DAMNIT! Why do I keep reading your blog? It makes me SO HUNGRY!!!!

Ali said...

A few weeks ago I had a lady tell me her food order and say, "And for my side, I'd like..." I nearly applauded her.

Reading the menu is lame. So is listening when the server tells the sides/tap beers to the other person at your table. It's all about that personalized service, after all.

I just love people who ignore the server. I say, next time go ahead and shake 'em.