Saturday, April 12, 2008

The House of "No"

I feel like I should get a good vent out before going in to close...

Last night sucked on many levels. The first being that NO ONE showed up for their 4:00 shift, so me and one other server were on and taking tables. We each had 5 tables, and slowly other servers started showing up for their shifts. That just got the night off to a rocky start. And Regional GM and Corporate Server Lady (the one that I love) were in the building, just adding to the stress of the shift. At one point, I was double-sat, and the hostesses were freaking out about where to put people, so I told them to seat me again...big mistake! I gave that table pretty bad service, and I'm sorry, but unfortunately, it does happen.
So, during this clusterfuck of weeds, I dropped off a beer to a table, but I was also dropping things off for other tables, so when I set it down, I just turned to hand something to the other table. I don't know, really. All I do know is that the RGM pulled me to the host stand three or so minutes later to tell me that I dropped the beer on this table, and he alluded to the fact that the table was pissed. I went over, apologized, and told them...Evidently, I set the beer on something so it wasn't happens. I tell them that I had no idea it fell over, or I would have helped them, yadda, yadda. Meanwhile, RGM takes off both their appetizers and the beers. I couldn't believe they were so angry. In addition, I just assumed that my RGM had brought the man another beer, so I stopped at the table to ask if they were okay. He seemed to be finished his meal, so I offered to take his plate. The man just looks at the frothy beer sitting on his table and said, "Uh, yeah, can I get a beer." "OMG, I'm so sorry, I thought he was bringing one for you!" At this point, I'm pissed, I think my table is pissed, and my RGM is definitely pissed. So, I go to take the man's plate, and he tells me that he's not finished. I was so confused and still in the weeds, I put the plate down and immediately brought him his beer. After a couple minutes, he pulled me to the side and told me that he wasn't angry, he just needed napkins and a beer. I felt like such an asshole! And I was really pissed at my RGM for making me feel like the table was utterly irate. It just changes everything. I probably could have been able to relax more if I knew they were okay...Operation Communication. Ugh.

The title of this post stems from the list of "No's" that I'm constructing. Hopefully, in the next few weeks this will change. I think the two big-wigs are trying to implement some morale boosting techniques, which makes me a happy girl.

Anyway, welcome to the House of No:
  1. No free food.
  2. No extra tables (unless in a closing situation)
  3. No breaks on Sat/Sun
  4. No drinks to-go
  5. No to-go (unless you pay full price and are not working)
  6. No smoking
  7. No parking near any entrances
  8. No coming in the back door
  9. No boys can wear earrings
  10. No colored hair-bands
  11. No eating on the fly
  12. No "money shifts" only (even if you're a 'senior server')

The list will continue, for sure. I'm gonna stop venting so I'm actually in a good mood for my shift tonight!


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purplegirl said...

So I'm months behind .... but "no colored hair bands"? Are you fucking kidding me? That is the dumbest, nitpicky-est fucking thing ever. Oh wait, except maybe "no breaks on weekends" combined with "no eating on the fly". Just work thirteen hours without sitting down or eating, k? Fucking corporate douchehounds.

I don't think I've ever used the f word so much in a comment. :)