Monday, April 21, 2008

The People

Humans are interesting creatures, especially when they're hungry. I'm convinced that hunger brings on bouts of delusion, severe mood swings, and temporary insanity. Over the weekend, I had a number of memorable guests.

1. Saturday night: I was working the patio :) and, of course, people were trying to sit at available tables while they were waiting for a table inside. Ugh. I can't really do anything about it, but I do go up, tell them that it's full service outside, yadda, yadda, and when they turn me down, I politely tell them that I will have to ask them to move if someone does want the table. Anyway, at one point, I see two young guys sitting at the round 5-top on the corner of the patio. I go up, give them my schpeal, then return inside. A couple minutes later, I see that a couple more people joined them, a dad and a grandmother. Then, I see this woman coming from the bar with 4 beers in her hands, and she heads to the round table. It hits me that she has put the beers in front of the young boys, who are no more than 19...the one looked 16, honestly. I immediately tell the bartender, who has much more experience handling these situations, and he did...beautifully.
Bartender: Hey guys, I'm gonna need to see your ids.
Dad: They don't have them with them.
Mom: They're 21.
Bartender: Sorry guys, without an id, it puts our liquor license in jeopardy, I'm going to have to take these.
They didn't protest, because they were obviously caught, but what nerve! Who has the audacity to buy drinks for their minor children?? If you want to be the "cool parent" and let your kids drink under age, that's your choice--Do it under your own roof, on your own property, not someone else's, especially a well-known restaurant. How stupid can you be?

2. Sunday morning, I picked up a shift. People were idiotic, but I'm glad I picked up, it was worth it monetarily. I wasn't really feeling that great when I woke up on Sunday, but no biggie, I needed the money. Because I picked up a shift, I was put in the last section, but because it was Sunday, I didn't have to go in until noon, so I was sat immediately. 3-top, followed a couple minutes later by a 7-top, and another 3-top directly behind. Yuck. I see this happen while I'm getting the drink order for the 7. The 3 has a small child in a high-chair, so they are taking some time getting settled. Cool with me, I don't need to be rushed. So, I walk passed the 3, and tell them that I will be right with them. They are all standing around the table--they haven't even sat down, and the woman says, "I can order." I'm sure I gave her a dumbfounded look, but I told her politely that I would be right over for her. This woman proceeded to run me for the duration of their stay. I think her hunger brought on all three of the side effects I mentioned above. Finally, toward the end of their meal, I asked them if I could wrap anything for them. She tells me to bring her a box. Fine. So, I try to clear some of the plates, and when I start to take hers that has a pile of onions on it, she tells me she wants a box for that too. A box for your fucking onions? That's gross. Even her hubby was like, "You wanna take those?" Weird.

3. Today: A young couple, probably 18 or 19, nice, friendly, whatever. When I go to run the kid's credit card, it declines for me, so I asked my manager to ring it in manually, just in case his strip isn't working, whatever. It was a busy mid-shift, so I let him handle it. The kid's card was declined--my manager got another--declined--and another--declined. I hope he had been with his girlfriend long, otherwise that may have been the end...Anyway, my manager agrees to take the kid's id while he went to get cash to pay the bill. The bill was $29.10. The kid comes back an hour later with $30. Great. I guess in the frenzy of realizing he maxed out all of his credit cards, he forgot to tip his waitress. I did walk out on the patio as he was getting in his car, but I didn't say anything--it's really not worth it.

Well, there's the top 3 for the weekend.

Off tomorrow!! Dinner Wednesday...


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patrick said...

Strangely enough, regarding #1 - down here in Texas, it is legal for parents to buy their underage children alcohol in restaurants. Same goes for someone who's over 21 whose spouse is under 21 (a marriage license is supposed to be presented as proof). The rule is that technically, the of-age patron is being served and then they are in turn using their discretion to serve their underage child or spouse. Of course, the restaurant/server's discretion trumps this and they can refuse service to anyone under the age of 21 - but it is legal to serve in these circumstances.

Weird, huh?

Lane said...

What a weekend!

Regarding #2, I've never understood why people have to act all take-chargey of the restaurant experience. Chill out, people! It's a restuarant, you'll get food!
I can't tell you how many times a table greeted with "Hi how are you tonight?" answered with "I'm ready to order."