Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pre-Shift, Post-Vent

Last night was a clusterfuck of ridiculousness (in my opinion). At one point, the KM mentioned how the restaurant was, once again, flat sat. When I go to my manager to talk to him about this, he looks at me, wide-eyed, then he tells me that I'm complaining as much as the kitchen staff, and he wonders if I have any suggestions. When I told him about "pacing the wait," he didn't quite understand. He told me that I should teach him how to pace the wait because he doesn't know how. At this point, I'm getting annoyed because he's a smart guy, so I didn't think pacing the wait was that difficult...evidently, it is. He thinks that pacing the wait would take us from a 40 min wait to an hour wait. Honestly, I don't think it will add 20 minutes onto the wait time, but it will extend it a little. Is that such a price to pay for food that actually comes out well-made and on time?? With the flat-seating comes mistakes, weeds, and angry customers. He says that once I've figured it out, to let him know. Well, patronizing me is also not going to make me happy.

I was in a great section last night, until, you guessed it, they pushed my motherfucking tables together again. I was in my fav section last night, too, they really know how to ruin everything. Then after that first big-top left, they left it together because my GM told me it was for a 10-top...I was great with that until they sat a 7-top there! I confronted him, and of course he tells me that the 7-top was first, but I think he's full of shit.

The other thing that's really been bothering me, is that we're making all these changes...promoting servers to assistant managers, facilitators, bartenders, etc. Now, I know (and so do you) that I'm a complete bitch, but I know the menu, and I know the restaurant very well. I just bitch so much, that I guess they just want me to leave at this point. My point is, that no one even came to me and said, you know, if you weren't such a bitch, we'd ask if you want to be a bartender, or even a trainer for that matter. Nope, nothing. I know that I'm a decent server...except last night, I felt like a rookie because I got in the weeds pretty good (but that's a direct result of flat-seating the restaurant). I probably wouldn't take bartender if were offered to me because I don't want to be there, but just to know that they would like to promote me would make me feel like they respected me an ounce. Right now, I don't feel like they respect anyone.

I have an interview on Wednesday for a Part-time position. So, I won't be able to leave the wonderful establishment entirely, but at least it won't be my primary source of income. I should go...

Close tonight.


Ex-Restaurant Manager said...

The morale (or lack of) there must be something. It's probably a good thing that you weren't asked to be promoted. You'd incur more blame, and they probably wouldn't listen to your suggestions anyway.

Ali said...

Fall-backs are beautiful. Hopefully the other job works out.