Monday, April 7, 2008

Round Table XVII

Round Table
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Welcome back! I'm happy to host this week's edition of the Round Table! Get comfy!

It's been a long week for everyone, it seems. But, we all made it out alive...barely.

Ribeye dealt with stupidity on a new and exciting level. It's stressful enough being a server, but it's even harder when your guests are idiots. Even though Ribeye had more than his fair share of shitty tables, he did prove, once again, that there are always exceptions!

Manuel, over at Well Done Fillet had a run-in with the chef and warns the non-serving public of the barrage of bull-shit we waiters have to put up with from the kitchen staff. Sorry you had to go through all that, but thanks for spreading the word. :)

On the flip-side, Waiter experiences an act of kindness from the chef that is rare and beautiful. Chefs who aren't wrapped in their egos tighter than their lettuce wraps are one of a kind...and a change of pace (in fact, where I'm from, I haven't met one chef who was nice to the serving staff). Also, don't forget to check out The Waiter's book cover! Congratulations!

Ali touches on many server pet peeves. From guests who think they are the only patron in the establishment, to ignorant couples who whistle when they need something. Ali handled it with much more patience than I could have. I also thoroughly enjoyed the story at the end of the post about the manipulative bar guest. Kudos to your regular for telling her to get lost.

Upset Waitress offers up some TMI and laughs in her busy post. We all know that when it comes down to it, we can all trust that UW will tell it how it is. :)

Tony describes certain co-workers to a fact, I would nominate myself as belonging to Group 2 (everyone else I work with would too). Thanks for opening my eyes as to how my fellow co-workers might view me. It makes me want to be a less-bitchy waitress...for now...

Shrimp Queen's eclectic blend of co-workers makes for an interesting post. It has my mind boggled, that's for sure. I particularly love Queenie's vision of resolving the issue--perfect Bitchy Form! ;)

Bitter Waitress has a lovely review for anyone hankering Mexican! Check out Taco Boy!

Restaurant Gal had a lucky night of food and fun! Congrats on your winning evening! You can really pick 'em! :)

In Ryan's follow-up from a previous post, he touches on a sensitive, yet relevant, subject. His story is inspiring, and his viewpoint is strong and clear. I love the image of "basing your faith in actions." Thank you, Ryan.

All servers are tough critics when they go out for a recreational meal. Lobster Boy proves that it's nearly impossible to turn off the server when trying to have a relaxing night off. The frustrations of waiting tables will follow us for eternity! :P

Thanks to all for tuning in to the Blog Carnival this week. Once again, it has been my pleasure to serve you!


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Manuel said...

it should be noted our head chef has since resigned......