Friday, February 1, 2008

Loud and Clear

Today was a bit of a clusterfuck. At the start of the day, us servers were made aware of the computer repairs that would be taking place during a Friday lunch--the crash kit was brought into affect immediately. Ugh. You know it's gonna be a fun day when the crash kit comes out!
A crash kit is a set of server books equipped with price guides, old-school order pads with carbon copies, calculators, manual credit card slips, etc. This is used in the event of a computer crash.
So, fine. Usually, the crash kit creates a little more intensity, but that's not a bad thing is it?? As soon as the shift started, the other manager comes out to tell us that the computers were fine--we could ring checks in. Great.
A few minutes later we were told not to ring orders in because the printers were down. A few minutes later we were told it was fixed and we could ring orders in again. WTF?
At one point, I just took an order for a 6-top, so I went to the computers to start ringing it in, when a fellow server tells me that we were supposed to write them down again...Ahhhhh, so I find the nearest manager and ask what I should do--I was told to write it down. I went and wrote it down clearly and concisely, to ensure no confusion. I take the check into the kitchen, and get waved off and told to ring it in now. Are you fucking kidding me?? It took me approx. five to seven minutes to finally get their order in....and it still took 20 minutes for them to get their food!
I just think we should have stuck with the crash kits until we knew for sure that the computers were working. They could send test checks--we don't have to use our tables' orders as guniea pigs.
So, as we were dying down, I had a four-top of guys--fun table! Anyway, their food was taking a pretty long time--for what it was. They ordered simply--I could tell they were on their lunch break. So, after I realized that the check was at 19 minutes, I approached one of the two managers and asked if they would do a table-check. This manager told me that a lot of checks were running long--"Am I supposed to visit every table??" I didn't say this, but "Yes." Yes, you should visit every table if we're having check problems...that is your job, right?? The guys finally got their food, after they had been joking with me about leaving and going to McDonalds.
I didn't do too bad today--$50 and I didn't close lunch. I'll take it. I got rent paid, so lazy days are tomorrow and Sunday!!

Open Monday.

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