Monday, February 4, 2008

Slow Poke

I decided, after my recent post, and my nice, relaxing weekend off, that I should try going in with a positive attitude. I put in some good, upbeat tunes and headed in to open. I got there on time--yay!-- and open was kind of a breeze. Today was molassass slow...thick and runny, gooey, slow.Even though it was slow, I was working with a fun crew, so it made the day pass happily.

Tomorrow, being Fat Tuesday 'n all, we're having quite a little shindig. I ususally have off, but I thought it would be stupid for me not to work, with the opportunity of making money, and potentially, it could be fun! Who knows...stranger things have happened! :)

Today's lack of tables means that nothing happened worth blogging about. I've had a list going in my book for about a week that I haven't shared, so here goes:

1. Fear of Abandoment
I've talked about this topic before, and it comes in many forms. Sometimes, the patron makes me stand their while he reads the menu because he's afraid I won't come back. This particular note was inspired by the young couple, on, what seemed to be, a lunch date. I handed him the check, and he says, "I'm ready" immediately. So, I proceed to stand there, while he digs in his coat to find his wallet in the inside pocket, pulls out money, then starts pulling money out of his back pocket. I am not going to stand there while you fish for cash, Sorry. So, I turned, and slowly walked away...I didn't go very far, but I really hate standing there waiting for someone to pay.

2. Exceptions (a running theme)
I was sat a four top--mother and three children--very well-dressed, very well-mannered. Her children were under the age of 7, and they didn't get out of line once. All of the children ordered for him/herself--even the little one, he was probably three or four. Totally sweet. We had a great rapport, the kids liked me--I had them giggling :) Bottom line: $5 on $44. Thanks.

If you are a guest in my section, and you see me delivering food, but you'd like more chips, please, just try to make eye-contact and give me a little nod. I don't need you repeating, "Ma'am" over and over until I look up and give you a dirty look. A little respect please. Besides, any good server checks all their tables before leaving his or her should be habitual. Thank you.

4. The Most Amazing Thing a Guest has Ever Said:
"Eating here is like's never bad!"
~no comment

5. This Restaurant is NOT Your Living Room.
If you have sooo much shit that it won't fit under the table or comfortably on the corner of your chair, then leave it in the car! I know you people have all those babies, but I guarantee you, you don't use half the stuff in there during the course of your meal. Especially if your youngster is so young he doesn't even order off the kids' meal. Infants don't need that many accessories. Small children, yes, I know they need things to occupy their ever-expanding mind--so fine...make them a bag, big enough for them to carry, to bring in the restaurant. People travel with luggage these days! I really don't understand who needs all that stuff. And they decide that baggage claim is the isle in my section! We already jam-pack tables into our establishment, we don't need the one needs baggage....okay, I'm done.

6. Do NOT Bring Senile People in to an Establishment Without a Translator!
No explaination needed.

Close Dinner Tomorrow.

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