Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Round Table: Service Industry Blog Carnival

This Week's
Bitchy Edition
"The Round Table"

Welcome to my humble abode...Come in, have a seat--let's chat about this week's cream of the crop, the funniest of the funny, and some of the most original server posts I've read. I'll keep you up to date, point you in a different direction with some new-comers, and make you laugh like never before with some ridiculous stories/posts I found...okay, this is gonna be fun, kids! Shit, you might even learn something! :) Enjoy!

Raging Server's Ranch Rant is a painfully true story. Poor Ribeye, working with an abscess!—Much worse than ANY of my days! His story makes me feel like a complete bitch--I would've stabbed someone if I were in that much pain, and dealing with such dirty slime! Extreme Kudos to you, Ribeye, for sticking it out!

This week, Ali's guests played games and got a little too comfortable in her bar. She was forced to break some hearts (poor drunk regular). No worries, though, I'm sure he'll be back, cause she's "priddy" I don't know who's worse--flirty drunk man or weird, close-talker?? But Ali knows how to make it work and make that money! Congrats on the high score, Ali!

Even though Upset Waitress is taking a much-needed break from the serving scene, I know this won't be the last we hear from her! Enjoy your vacation!
UW's Winter Wonderland antics can put a smile on any Bitch's face! I think she and I must have been fellow-servers in a previous life--not only does she support the Kitchen Olympics, but she also likes to heat things up! :) In addition, I am pleased to announce that UW has finally posted an Official Disclaimer! Wow! That explains sooo much...FYI, the vocal chord paralysis is sporadic, and the brain lesions take a few weeks to heal...

The Carnival, this ever-expanding Round Table, is what introduced me to Restaurant Gal. Her charm goes unmet, and her perspectives are original and endearing. I'm definitely a fan. RG also shares a lovely story about positivity and "going with the flow" (an ability I tend to lack!), and keeping peace and serenity at work--I had to share. Delightful.

There's never a dull moment over at the Award Winning, Well Done Fillet! Manuel's suave moves and non-shakespearean vernacular make for an entertaining read.

Cassy over at Half Server/Half Amazing is having a productive week! Learning a new menu, and inventing delicious beverages! (I can barely make a margarita!) Well done! Also, Cassy has posted, quite possibly, the funniest video I have ever seen! Thanks Cassy! :)

Newcomer, Bitter Waitress...I love her already! Her posts are smooth, and her words ring crystal clear. My favorite post so far is retrospective, funny, and inspiring. And if that doesn't get you, her headline today will: "Passive aggression is not a game to be played by children like you." Perfect. :)

Insane Waiter and I share one inarguable truth: We both, admittingly, enjoy making the idiots we serve look like asses whenever possible! I love it! While you're perusing his sight, check out his post on tipping laws and taxes too! Get Educated!

Adding to his list of pet peeves, Lobster Boy discusses his feelings on patrons with obvious substance abuse problems. After a grueling Super Bowl Shift, I hope LB got a couple days off! Poor Lobster! I can't lie, I have a crush on the little crustacean...what can I say? He's hysterical!

I was amazed to read Dennis' article on the Natural Disaster-Themed Restaurant. It's a facsinating concept, but I'm not sure if hurricans and earthquakes are necessarily appetizing...

Last, but certainly not least, I am sad to announce a bittersweet end to a terrific blog! The creator of "I Server Idiots" has decided to move on to brighter possibilities after an 18-month stretch. Good luck, Ryan!

Well, there you have it, folks! The Eighth Edition Round Table is complete! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading!

Your Bitchiest,
Bitchy Waitress


Manuel said...

nice one bitchy......well done getting the links sorted and all that....

Bitchy Waitress said...

thanks, manuel...sorry about the link prob...i was making it much harder than it needed to be! :)

Kim and Victoria said...

Great blog! I only work in a deli, but we get our share of "winners". It's nice to hear other people vent.

Anonymous said...

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