Thursday, November 15, 2007

Behind the Poll

The poll is a very random question that sits in the back of my mind, and has for years. I'm not sure when I thought to ask it, but it occurred to me once I did, that I didn't even know someone who knows someone that's been on a game show. That was very odd to me. There are a gabagillion game shows, game show contestants, and game show hosts, and we don't know someone who knows someone that's been on a game show?? least, I thought it was weird.
Well, yesterday, at work, I asked my manager, and he actually listed three people he knows that were on a game show (Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and DoubleDare)! I was astonished! A fellow-server standing nearby, knew one person who was on Gutz (Nickelodeon obstacles show on years ago).
So, I'm going to keep asking, with or without the poll--just thought I'd see how it did.

Thanks for voting!
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KV said...

I keep trying to convince the hubby that he should go on a game show. He has a buttload of semi-useless knowlege that I keep saying would win us a bunch of money someday!