Saturday, November 10, 2007


Last week when I was closing lunch, a group of four kids came in (at least 15 or 16)--I was busy and didn't feel like dealing with them, so when they ordered kids meals, I didn't ask for i.d. or give them a hard time. I just wanted my table back. Once they were through asking me for extra sides of sauce, different dressings, and multiple refills, they asked for their treat. At this point, I really just wanted them out of there, so I brought their treat and their check. They left the cash on the table, and I didn't realize until after they were out of the lot that they hadn't tipped me. Not that I could have done anything about it anyway, but whatever.
So this week, the four kids came in again. When I saw them approaching I told the hostess that I didn't want the table, she gave me this look and told me that it was my turn. I quickly told the hostess what they did the last time, so when the group asked for kids menus the hostess replied, "are you 12?" The group didn't seem fazed by the hostess, who let them have one kids menu. Well, what the fuck does that do--giving them ONE kids menu--they can still order off of it. They can order off of it without the fucking menu.
My whole thing with kids meals is that if that's what they want aren't we supposed to give it to them? Isn't that what it's all about? When the 85 year old woman orders chicken fingers, am I supposed to deny her? I think not. I know these are punk ass kids, but I feel that it should be equal among patrons. It sucks that they don't tip, but they definitely won't tip if they aren't allowed to order off the kids menu--in fact, they may have just left, and then I would have had my table and no hassle.
Anyway, so they sit in my section, they order their adult-sized sodas, (which I decided to charge them for), their kids meals, and their treats. When I give them their check, they are flabbergasted at the amount that lay before them, and they confront me. Last week was not their first time here, they've been to our establishment many times before, and they've never been charged for drinks. They weren't "warned" they girl says to me. Fine. I'll get my manager. It is obvious also that these kids ONLY have enough money for the exact amount of the bill without drinks or tip for that matter.
My manager approaches them, they talk, he agrees to take the drinks off this last time...but he never takes them their check. So, the kids leave--I am completely avoiding their table, and they short me. There isn't even enough for the bill.


The Woman said...

They sound like they are related to the gypsies that used to come into my restaurant 15 minutes before closing. They'd order tons of food, eat, make a mess, stay for two hours (despite our request that they leave), leave a wad of cash on the table (15 ones), and leave.

KV said...

Don't these little assholes have parents to teach them any manners? I could forgive them wanting to order off the kids menu (I was a cheap shit once too), but shorting you and NEVER leaving a tip? NOT. COOL. and they must - somewhere, somehow - know that. I'd say something if they sat in my section again. Pissed off manager or not. They obviously return because they know they can get away with it. EFF THAT!!!