Monday, November 26, 2007

If today had a face, I'd punch it.

Today was turtle-slow. "Oh, a table"...20 minutes later..."oh, a table" money...AND...I worked a double. The longest day ever, and it rained on and off all day. Gloomy. Yucky. I guess I would have stayed home too.
At shift meeting this afternoon, they made some announcement about changing tip-share. We pay A LOT of money in tip-share. I know I have expressed my hatred for bussers. I think they should become extinct. But, who am I, but a lowly peon below corporate eye-level. Whatever. So, right now, tip-share is: (I know I just posted something about tip-share, but this is just a friendly reminder.)

Food runners = 2% of FOOD SALES
Bussers = 1 1/2% of FOOD SALES (if there is one on); 2 Bussers = 2% of FOOD SALES
Bar = 5% of LIQUOR SALES

Now, they are talking about changing it to:

Food runners = 2% of TOTAL SALES
Bussers = 2% of TOTAL SALES (even if there is one on)
Bar = 1% of TOTAL SALES

I talked with my GM, because I tend to be the liaison for the other servers who don't want to approach him and ask him about the changes that are taking place. We have a right to understand what's going on, and he always tells me stuff, but sometimes I wonder how much of it is smoke going up my ass. Who knows.
Today, he told me that the bussers are now REQUIRED to buss the entire table. I don't know if I've explained this before, but usually we are responsible for pre-bussing everything, and if there is a plate or bar glass left on the table when the busser gets there, he/she will leave it on the edge of the table after wiping the table down. It's annoying because sometimes, when guests ask for boxes (rather than having me box it for them), it's difficult to pre-buss; then, the busser goes, and stacks everything up, neatly, on the corner. Ugh. Well, now, apparently, they are instructed to clear EVERYTHING. Okay, it makes me feel a little better.
As for the bar...We have a "bar minimum" each day. In the event that we don't have any bar sales, the bar minimum accounts for any kids drinks or N/A drinks throughout the shift. If we were to change the policy, we would give the bar ONLY 1% of our sales, even on Friday or Saturday. Saturday nights, the bar minimum is $5--if we were to change the policy, and my Saturday night sales were only $300, I would owe ONLY $3. So, it could work in our favor sometimes.
I don't mind tipping the food runners because the work really hard and they do A LOT. I give them, on average, 3%, sometimes 4% depending on the day.

I think they are changing stuff just for the sake of changing stuff. And NOW, that "suit" that was in last week said some negative stuff about us; however, we all have voiced our opinion on that one day, and the GM is going to have some kind of meeting with the CEO because he was pretty upste to hear how she treated us that day. So, I guess that's something. But, it will all wash out. Nothing will happen to the suit. She'll be safe, waiting in the wings for her next opportunity to condescend the little ones beneath her.

I worked with chill people today, so even though it was slow, there was good company.

Off tomorrow...lunch Wednesday (I'm trying to pick up a dinner shift.)

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Dennis said...

Wait staff tip-outs at my former restaurant were based on total sales (we were pretty expensive), and it made things so much easier...though we rarely had food runners (I loved it when we did) so we kept that much more in tips.

We were required to pre-bus completely...I mean nothing left on the table for bussers other than stray items if possible. Not ususally possible, but the bussers were really, really good, and as long as you took care of them, they would pretty much help in any way they could.

Seriously, I was ALWAYS in the same section, and my usual bussers ran my food, checked on my tables, whatever. Worth the huge tip-out.


- Dennis