Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Can Buss Can You?

Today was chill...slow. Beat. Real Beat. I was an open-close lunch-double. Yay. But, there was a pretty cool staff on, so that made it tolerable...if only 'tolerable' paid the bills...

I'm annoyed with my restaurant because of many things, but today my target will be the tip-out policy (mainly focused on bussers).
Fuck tip-out.
We have bussers, food runners, and the bar to tip out on a daily basis. The bussers get 1 1/2% of food sales (if there's one--on Friday's, when there's two, the tip-out is 2%), food runners get 2% of food sales, and the bar gets 5% of liquor sales (if you have no liquor sales, there is a tip-out minimum that must be paid). It fucking sucks.

I can buss my tables faster than any of the bussers who sneak around all night text-messaging or flirting. And, because I'm paying someone else to do something, I'm certainly not going to do it unless it's absolutely necessary.
It definitely makes for lazy servers, but I'm just playing their game. I understand that people are lazy and won't buss their tables so they won't get sat and shit like that, but that's when management needs to crack down and make some consequences--the tables will get bussed...
I just don't think bussers are necessary. And...we're responsible for pre-bussing, which is fine (I do it regardless), but if we leave any plates on the table (or bar glasses), the bussers will stack them on the corner of the table after they've wiped it down. Gay. Real fuckin' gay.
Tonight, the busser-kid was allergic to my section, and it pissed me off because we were DEAD! (Management actually made early cuts, and I was on the road by about 8:00--not too shabby.) I finally went up to the busser and asked him if he wanted to earn the 2 bucks I was giving him (which was generous, now that I think about it). Anyway...he then asked me what section I was in, I tell him, he chuckled and said, "Oh yeah, I haven't been over there for a while." I just looked at him and said, "Thanks." He's out. Management has been on him already. He's pretty fucking lazy.
Every restaurant I've worked in before this one, I've been responsible for both bussing my tables and running my own food. I don't really mind the food runners because they do a lot more than the bussers...they earn their tip-share.
P.S. I'm officially addicted to emoticons...teehee...


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Emoticons are Gay. Real fuckin' gay.

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