Friday, November 16, 2007

Ghost Town

It's real dead in the restaurant right now. I am looking forward to my lunch shift on Black Friday--the holidays do bring out the people, but not necessarily the tips.
There was some staff drama tonight, which I really hate, but I'm not going to get into it right now.

I did have some interesting tables tonight...

1st up--Drinkless
Table sits down, I offer drinks, and the woman at the table automatically assumes I'm trying to sell her liquor (which tables often do), "Oh, no," she chuckles, "I'm fine." She points to her gentleman friend who orders and iced tea and a margarita. I offer her water or tea, "for now," and she still turns me down.
I bring drinks, apps, another margarita for her friend, and the meal comes. Now, my restaurant is known for its spicy menu, so I again offer this woman a beverage, to which she still refuses. They eat peacefully--I bring him another tea, and she remains drinkless. Typically, I would have just brought a water, but since she specifically told me "no," I didn't want to be pushy. Weird, but nice, and decent tip.

2nd--Team Miserable
Three top, parents and child (girl around 12). Mother and father have been in the restaurant before, but I've never seen the girl. I walk up all smiles, and get nothing--only the girl says "hello." They somberly order, and sit in near silence while waiting for their meals. Every time I walk by or check on them, the girl is the only one to respond. Never once did the table crack a smile--you're out to eat for crying out loud! Ugh.

3rd--Surprise Surprise
Two young parents (early 30s) and toddling daughter. They were cool, polite, and the dad ordered several margaritas. They were low-maintenance and friendly. They left $10 on $38, and just as I was thinking, "What a nice surprise on a slow night," I turned and saw the mess their child left on the floor under the table. It was horrendous! But, at least they compensated for my efforts after their departure. I was pleased about that. Not many people know the rule: Either clean up after your child or compensate the person who does.

4th--Tough Guy
Three-top of gentlemen (two older and one early 30s). As they are ordering, one gentleman orders the hottest item on the menu, so I make him aware of this (like I do for all patrons). He asks, "It's not like, ridiculously hot, is it??" I explain sweetly that the pasta used in the dish is made with chilis and the sauce is extremely hot, and I tell him that it's considered to be the hottest dish. He says he's goin to give it a try anyway, even though he looked reluctant. Fine. So, when I bring out their meals, I inconspicuously bring a glass of water as well. I place it on the edge of the table just in case. I don't even mention it's presence--I've seen people choke because of the spice in this dish. So, fine, I deliver the food, and when I go back to check on them, I ask him how he's makin' out, and he says, "Who's that for?" as he points to the water. So I explain that I brought it for him, and he says, "Oh, I never touch that stuff; and this," he points to his dish, "this is warm, no where near spicy." I guess he told me--and his ultra-masculine friends. He's the guy who ordered a Miller Light Draft after I told him the bottled beers that we offer. Gotta love it.

Double tomorrow...

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bannedanna said...

I'm one of those "no beverage" diners myself.

If I'm ordering a drink, it'll be alcoholic and as a pre- or post-meal treat.

I never drink anything while I'm eating, at home or at a restaurant, so I'd prefer to save the server a trip for something I won't drink.

Lately, however, I have been ordering water, just so the server doesn't feel like I'm being a weirdo and the manager doesn't think I'm being neglected.

But I never drink it.