Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday Night

Sometimes I wonder if people realize that part of my job is to speak--to them! What the fuck?! Some tables go to great length to continue their conversation in spite of my presence. Let me do my job PLEASE! Don't they realize how much smoother dinner will go if they just let me do my job? I'm tired of getting talked over, under, to, and otherwise.
Tonight two of the tables (in my already measly four table section) got pushed together for the "big top wait" we were apparently on (then doesn't it figure that we went on a "small top wait" later...upper management are thou out to kill me??).
Anyway...oh, yeah, they pushed two of my tables together for a six top, and I was pleased to see that it was all adults. Until I greeted the table and realized there was a dumb ass teen with them too. So, everything started out fine, even though the teen had taken the stage for the outing and had the entire tabled enamored with his juvenile antics. Regardless, the rapport was decent, then I started to get annoyed. Once I dropped the appetizer, I nodded to the two ladies and told them I'd return with their refill, then I separately nodded to the teen and told him the same. He looked at me, but obviously was too enamored with himself to even hear me because ten seconds after my words exited my mouth, he says, "And, uh, can I get another water?" As he points to his half full tumbler of water. "Yup, I got it..." I say sweetly-ish. Then all I could do was walk away.
The kid kept doing that same thing all through dinner. I'd say, "I'll go grab some extra napkins for you." and he'd say, "Uh, can we get some napkins." No one was laughing, so I really don't think he was trying to be smart--I just think that no one at the table was listening either.
Then, after I bring the check, and I'm walking away with their credit card, the stupid teen motions that it is the girl's birthday. Ugh. I have to deal with them for even longer because it's going to take me a minute to gather a crowd, and we didn't even have balloons tonight. Had the table told me prior to running their VISA, I would have offered them the birthday cake and done the whole schpeal (not that that wouldn't have been equally as annoying, but you know). Getting news like that at the close of check throws off the whole balance of things. Whatever. I gathered like four people and quickly sang. The girl was red-faced, and shaking her head, pointing to the other girl, as if to say it were her birthday to take the attention off of her, but it was too late, the song was sung. How fucking annoying. Then, to top it off--$8 on $52. Boo.
That was the only REALLY annoying table--wow. I hadn't thought of that. That's pretty good. Although there was a small portion (about an hour after cuts went up) of the evening that I spent digging through the garbage for my fucking book--you know with all my credit card slips...luckily, I keep all my cash in my pocket, but without my cc slips, my manager cannot charge them for the tip without their signature--I would have been out of $100. I was freaking out! I NEVER put my book down, so that had me even more boggled. Finally I began to think that I had been checking the other servers' side work, and sometimes I take my book out to use to sign their check-out slip. So, I must have given it to a server, and they just haven't realized it (but, again, I didn't think this until post-garbage swimming). I check the few remaining girls, then I see that one has TWO books in her pocket. It's funny, and I can laugh at it, but I would have been pissed if I didn't find it. I do wonder how she didn't know that she had two books in her pocket--it makes life a lot thicker. But, she is new, so whatever.
Off tomorrow. Lunch Monday...

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