Monday, November 19, 2007

Cryin the Blues...

Today was poop. I went in not wanting to close lunch AT ALL. I worked nearly 45 hours last week, and today's shift was right in between my days off, so I was unmotivated and a bit cranky. When I got to work, one of my co-workers asked if she could close for me--YES!! So, for a little while, all was good in the world, until my GM came gunning toward me, finger pointed in my direction, "I need you to close," he says as he breezes past me--no explanation, just an order. Ugh. "What do you mean?" Oh, I was soooo upset.
It turns out that the hostess had to go home (due to personal issues), and the server who was going to close for me was pulled to the host stand. I wasn't mad at any one, I was just disappointed by the situation.
In addition to that, a "suit" dropped in, just to "check up on us" as she was passing through town on her way to a meeting up North. We get that from time to time; although, usually, we are warned...this time, it was a surprise for everyone! Yippey! That meant no smoke breaks or snacks during the shift...not the end of the world, but just something else that added to the mood of the day. Blah.
So, the restaurant was gorgeous, since we were so slow, every thing was stocked and cleaned long before shift-change. After that, I colored a kids' menu to pass the time...I'm so happy to be home!

And it's cold, raining, and shit-tastic outside. Boo.

Off tomorrow....double Wednesday.


Upset Waitress said...

Ahhh. You should take it out on the hostess. :) It's all her fault. I'm mean that way.

KV said...

Fuckin suits! I HATE when management stops by - regardless of the industry/job/situation. Throws off the whole normal vibe. UGH.

Dennis said...

Why didn't management let the other server close and you man the front door? Everyone wins, and you get to color some more.