Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a Waste

Today: *College Closed* / Server

The college closed today, which extended my little reprieve, so I didn't mind one bit. I didn't even mind that I had to work at the restaurant this evening...and I was scheduled to close. This didn't bother me at all. What bothered me was that I made fifty lousy bucks! No one came out! The roads were clear! The sun did a marvelous job of melting most of the snow, but still no one ventured out to the cafe! I am still a little miffed.

The shift was fine, because the staff wasn't too bad...minus a select few. There is this (relatively) New Guy who thinks he is the shit, but not a soul likes him. He's a huge slacker, yet when he walks passed people he says things like, "You're doing a great job." He is a total tool box, and he is really obnoxious with his tables. I heard him one day thank his table for coming to McDonald's. Of course he was joking, and his table got a kick out of it, but how weird is that? It's almost like he was putting the restaurant down, but maybe they had a little bit of an inside joke or something. He fucks up so much too. Like tonight, he apparently rang credit cards for the wrong amount, and when the manager went to help him, he saw that New Guy's table had written the totals and the credit cards on the back of the check. How much easier can you get? Idiot. He was a closer tonight (there were four of us total, plus an extra because one of the closers was giving a ride to another server, so she stayed to help), and he did absolutely nothing.
When we go "down to closers" each closer has two sections (8 table max). Usually, closers are already in their Closing Section, but tonight was a little different. My good friend, Daisy, was closing with me, and her section got moved after cuts. New Guy took over her section, in addition to the one she ran all night long. We had maybe five tables in the restaurant, and New Guy went up to Daisy and said, "Hey, can you sweep 144? It's a mess, and I have tables around doesn't look good. I started to sweep it but remembered it wasn't my table." Really? You're so concerned about guest perception, sweep it! It's now your section, right? What an ass.
He then proceeded to stand at one table for about 20-min texting. He put up approximately 5 chairs, and took out a bag of linens. The guy is literally good for nothing. What a tool.
About a month ago, I closed with him. I always take initiative to start closing early to get a jump on the work. By the time the restaurant closed, there wasn't too much left, so I said to New Guy, "Hey, you mind putting up the chairs for us girls?" I was saying this in a way to make my request sound sweet. His response:
"I've been here for four months."
Miss: (confused) ...Um...Okay. What does that have to do with it?
New Guy: I've closed before, and I've seen girls put up the chairs.
Miss: Okay, then, let me rephrase, Why don't you do something to help your fellow-closers. You can start with the chairs.
With that, I walked away, afraid if I had to converse with him any longer, for fear that I would kick him. I'm trying to figure a way to "phase him out," but so far, all efforts have been in vain.

On a funny note, I mentioned how my friend Daisy worked tonight. Well, she loves kids. She one of those girls who "goos" and "gaas" over little babies (I loath them). Tonight, she had an 8-top with a baby, who was probably four or five months old. When Daisy initially greeted the table, they were removing the little girl from her little car seat. Well, Daisy was excited to see this cute little thing, and when the child emerged, Daisy squealed, "Oh, Hello!" The child immediately burst into tears. The table thought it was hysterical, and so did Daisy. Every time she returned to this table, that child cried. So much so, that the parents removed her from the table at one point. After that, the father was holding the child and covered her face whenever
Daisy approached. I really got a kick outta this.

Tomorrow: Secretary / *Off* (GOING IN TO TRY TO PICK UP A SHIFT!)

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