Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making Up for Lost Time

Today: Server / *Off*

Last night I closed, and this morning I picked up an open, so the in-between did not give time for blogging.

Last night was pretty busy, although I didn't walk away with as much as I would have liked. We started off pretty slow, but soon filled up, then it died kinda hard. Cuts went up early, maybe around 9:45-ish, and I only had one table after cuts went up.
I started cleaning what I could around 10:30. Around 10:45 I heard the front door open, and I turned to find a rather large man with a bandanna at the host stand. I approached him, and he asked, "How late ya'll open?"
Miss: Our kitchen closes in fifteen minutes.
Bandanna Man: Aww, so ya'll ain't makin' no more food, then huh?
Miss: Sir, the kitchen is open until 11:00. If you can order in the next five/ten minutes, there shouldn't be a problem.
Bandanna Man: Aww, well it'll prolly take 'em that long ta figure out what they want.
Miss: (shrugs her shoulders) I don't know sir.
With that he turns and leaves the building. I continued cleaning, getting ready to close. I took out the trash (or something) and when I returned, there were 7 people being sat. I was floored. That man promptly went to the parking lot and got his entire family. The server (E) was miffed--I wouldn't have been very nice to these people. As she was making their drinks she told me that they were still waiting for two more people. Are you kidding me? She told them they had to order in five minutes with or without the other members of the party. I found out later that the other two people who came late did not order because they arrived after 11. I guess it's because I'm in the industry, but I would NEVER go into a place when there was only fifteen minutes before closing, especially with my entire family. The kitchen got the food out in record time.
In other news, last night pissed me off because the MOD (manager on duty) was on my proverbial nuts. I said those exact words to him after close, and he informed me that he was frustrated because he feels everyone half-asses things around here. You think? Of course they do, that's the example they've been given. No one stays consistent and no one follows through with any of the new initiatives unless the "suits" say so. I'm over it today, but last night, he just would not leave me alone! Apparently, he was on everyone's nuts.

Today I woke up in a funk, and I snapped at my BFF, and for that, I'm truly sorry. Funny thing, is that she likes it when I funk out because she says I'm snippy and a little bit funny. I don't know. All I know is that I woke up this morning having absolutely no desire to get out of bed. I did not want to go to work. I'm glad I did. It was worth picking up, although it was pretty slow.

I'm going to try to get to bed early so tomorrow is not so tough.

Monday: Secretary / *Off*

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