Friday, January 28, 2011

Got That Shift

Oh, the power of social networking sights. Facebook came in handy yet again. I posted a "shift wanted" add on my status today and had a response in minutes. It was only a 3-table section, but it was all small-tops, so I figured I could rock the house. Unfortunately, there was no house-rocking. The night started off slow. Initially, I was sat with a 1-top, then I was sat with a regular family who, are pleasant, are definitely not good tippers (and they leave a disaster behind). Not a great way to start the evening.
When I arrived, the President of the company was there, so everybody was on his/her toes. The MOD (Manager on Duty) kept asking people to sweep, so eventually, I just walked around aimlessly with a broom, searching for anything to sweep up.
After the suit left, the dining room finally filled up, but since I was rocking three tables, I was relatively bored all night long.
I was dropping food for the kid who gets weeded with two tables, at a 6-top of regular patrons. I recognized them immediately, and the woman who leads the pack is a complete and utter biotch. Her initials are ME, which are very appropriate considering her "But, I'm 'ME'" attitude. Because it was a 6-top, the order is rung in on two separate checks. This rule eliminates ridiculously long checks and helps the runners to not have to put too much food on one tray. If it can't fit on one tray, ring it in on two checks. Five items per check. Anyway, the second portion of the check came out first. On the tray was the food check for the table, one fajita with the fixins and taco salad and a side of fries. As soon as I "greet the tray" I hear ME hollering, "Who got fries?! Who got fries." No one was answering her, so I said, "No worries, Miss, we'll figure it out." I delivered the fajita to the woman sitting to ME's right. When I set it down, she looked at her friend and says, "Who's is that?" Well, for Fuck's sake, if it's not yours, then it must be the person sitting next to you. I continued to drop the food while the Weeded Server played stupid on the computer. I delivered ME's fajita with her fixins and she immediately dumped her entire portion of cheese on her fajita, looked at me and said, "This skillet isn't sizzling. It's not melting my cheese." I replied, "Would you like me to take it back for you?" "If you wouldn't mind...and, if no one claimed the fries, you can leave 'em, someone will eat them." Miss thoughts: Uh, fuck you bitch, you will not be getting fries for free when you're being such an ass. I promptly took the cheese-covered fajita skillet and the side of fries to the kitchen. They gave her a hot skillet, and scraped her cheeseness off on to the new one, then doused the skillet with this oil/spice mixture that creates the steam. I take it to her, and low and behold, the woman next to her has a cold fajita too. Weeded Server is still finding his way through the thick, and I'm being taken from my tables to deal with this schmuck. So, I take the other skillet back, get a manager, and finally see Weeded Server. I ask him if he can take his fajita, to which he replies in a huff, "Uh, no, but it's cool, just go." Well, the second fajita was fixed by then, so I took it out. A manager was at the table, and I heard ME complaining about the dirty rice, and how it was cold. The manager said, "Miss, did you taste it?" ME said, "Uh no, but the bowl is cold." MOD said, "The bowls are not kept warmed, miss, but the rice is. If you taste it and it's not to your satisfaction, I will deliver a another side for you" (or something to that affect).
It only gets better. Later, much later, I went outside to take out the trash. I got locked out from the backdoor, so rather than piss of the Ogre kitchen manager, I opted to go back in through the front door. As I approached the door, two gentlemen from ME's table were talking very closely with two other gentlemen. It seemed as though ME's men were interrogating the other guy. Come to find out, the Other Guy was from the table sitting right next to ME's table. Apparently, Other Guy didn't like ME and her gang, so at one point, he walked passed her and called her a "hag." At that, ME starting spouting off all kinds of derogatory things to these people. ME's Men supposedly followed the Other Guy out of the restaurant and started threatening them and beating on their car windows. I'm not really sure of the outcome. I know the police were not bothered, and I know that ME and her gang sat for an extremely long time. They were there long after Other Guy's table left. I'll get the scoop tomorrow.

That's all the excitement I can muster for tonight.

Tomorrow: *Off* / Server (Closing)

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