Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Snoozeday

Today: Secretary / Server

The office is particularly annoying to me this week because I think I've mentally checked out. I'm tired of instructors complaining and not taking care of their administrative responsibilities because they think it's beneath them. Their resistance to this aspect of their position makes me irate, and it personally affects me. It's hard to go into specifics because of the nuances of the office, but I think you can get the gist of my frustration.

The restaurant was a little busy tonight with a 38-top in the dining room and a 20-top camped out at the bar. However, my big-top (6-8) was only at once...with a 5-top, and I had campers all night long. At one point, I had a 3-top of young-ish kids (maybe 20 or 21), two girls and a guy. They were very kind, but they sat for a little while after they paid. The guy paid: $2.50 on $25! Are you kidding?? I just can't believe the ignorance. I wonder if he just couldn't figure out the math or if he just doesn't know how to tip! Unreal.

Today I had a woman order one of our salads that features a choice of shredded chicken or beef. The description mentions this as well as the myriad ingredients that make up the culinary concoction. She and her companion were digging in, when I saw her wave at me. I go over and she picked up a fork-full of shredded chicken and says, "I ordered chicken. Is this chicken?"
Miss: Yes ma'am! Our chicken is pre-marinated and shredded.
Lady: Oh, yeah? Last time I came here I got the beef and it looked like this too.
Miss: Both the chicken and beef are shredded...You can request grilled chicken or beef if your prefer. Is the salad okay for you?
Lady: It's delicious! I just didn't know it came like this.
Miss: Enjoy your meal.

My last table of the night was a mother/daughter duo. When I approached the table, I set down a basket of chips and salsa, the mother put her hand on her chest and said, "Wow!"
Miss: I'm sorry if I startled you!
Mother: We just sat down and you brought us chips!
Miss: I'm sorry, Miss, I can check back if you'd like. (I call all females "Miss" -- if they're old, I'm pretty sure they get a kick out of it.)
Mother: No it's just, we just sat down, and you brought chips.
Miss: [totally confused] Umm...it's how we greet the tables, Miss. Can I get you started with drinks?
Weird. I don't know if she was impressed that we offered complementary chips, or if she was confused that I brought them without her having to request them. Either way, it was just a weird way to start the table.

Pretty laid back evening overall.

Consecutive work count: 24

Tomorrow: Secretary / *Off*

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