Friday, January 21, 2011

Short and Sweet

Picking up tonight was clutch. I was in a 4-table section: three small-tops (max 4 ppl) and a big-top. I came on early (5:20) and was immediately given a table, followed by another, and another. Triple-sat right off the bat. Not a bad way to start the evening. (It's best to get busy early on so the night flies by, in my opinion.) They were holding my big-top for a 12-person party, which I wasn't too happy about because we have to split parties of 10 or more. As it turned out, I was sat with a 9-top instead. This worked out perfect because I didn't have to share the table. Well, the host-stand (actually the new GM) annihilated me, continuously seating my other tables. After the 9-top got their food, I got caught up, and things started to slow down. The 9-top ate, they all ordered drinks initially and continuously throughout their meal. Great. They ate, ordered another round, I cleaned up, boxed their food, they ordered another round, some people left, and those who were left ordered another round. They were seated at approximately 6:00, and five of them were still sitting around drinking at 9:00. Then another person joined them. They had it planned all along. The knew they were going to sit and wait for this other chick. Luckily they continued ordering, or I would've been pissed (however, one of the girls at the table was on her 9th Jack and Diet, which I thought was a bit much. She wasn't acting crazy though, so I didn't feel the need to cut her off.) They left me $10 over gratuity in the end, so it worked out beautifully.
Other than that, I had rather pleasant tables. Some were not very good tippers, but sometimes pleasantries go farther than pennies when you work in an industry full of jerk-off assholes who think they know what it's like to work hard for a living. Wait tables. Scratch that: Secretary.
I actually had a table compliment me to the manager, which is rare. That's what the MOD (Manager on Duty) said too. Generally, it's those patrons who are upset that will complain to management. Complements on the service are few and far between because those who leave happy don't see the need to bother the manager or tell the server. So, it was nice.
Overall, a profitable and relatively easy evening.
I'm hoping the same for tomorrow night's shift.

Tomorrow: *Off* / Server

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