Monday, January 24, 2011

'Tis a Pity

Today: Secretary / *Off*

Today I am having a pretty serious pity party for myself, and you all are invited!! Today is my 23rd consecutive day of work, and I'm pissed about it. If I'm not at the office, I'm at the restaurant.
I have this thing that I've done for my whole life, whether it be for school or work, which is to ask my Voice of Reason (my mother) when I can take personal days. It's not a permissions type of a thing, it's a Jiminy Cricket kind of a thing. Usually, she's pretty objective, and she knows how hard I work, so she will tell me that I deserve a Mental Health Day. Most of the time, she tells me to "buck up" and take it like a man. We all work hard for a living.
Well, she's getting annoyed with me because every Sunday of this month, I have asked Jiminy if I can call out on Monday. She's totally right when she says that I'm trying to get ahead and by taking a day off from the office, I'll set myself back financially. I don't get paid days off. It sucks. Once upon a time, I thought mental health was more important than the all-mighty buck. I know that taking a day off isn't a crime, but why do I feel like such a criminal for not wanting to come to work??
So, I'm sitting here, at the office, waiting for the time to come when I can run out of here screaming. Just to turn around and come back tomorrow. Looking at my schedule, I work seven days again this week, so my next possible day off won't be until February 6th.
I brought the pity; now, you bring the party.

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