Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Enough

Today: *Off* / Server (closing)

I was originally scheduled to open today, but I preferred a night shift, so I switched mid-week. I was hesitant, because it was a hit-or-miss 3-table section: it has a (potential) 10-top and two small-tops (four people max).
When I first came on, I only had one table available, which was sat immediately. I like nights that start off quickly: they make the night go by so much faster. The other two tables ended up sitting for almost an hour after I got there, which was a pretty slow start to my night. As soon as those tables got up, it started rolling. Eventually, things were moving pretty quickly. We were definitely busy. I think my big-top only got sat twice, but I made $20 bucks off each. In addition, I shared a big-top with another server, and we ended up making $30 EACH. Great!
The night went relatively smooth. Although, first thing, the girl in the section next to me, dropped an entire glass of water down this woman's back. The bussers had butterfingers, and so did a few of the servers. I do have a patron pet peeve that I'd like to share. The section I was in tonight is positioned directly next to the host stand. Right in front of my section, next to the front door, is a computer desk with a POS, printer, napkins, etc. When we go on a wait, there is a lobby, but that fills quickly. We also have a little foyer that people stand in, but sometimes people stand right next to the computer table. When done tactfully, this is not a problem. Tonight was not as obnoxious as other nights, but at one point a group was standing directly in front of the computer table. Because the computer is there, it is a heavy traveled area, so every time we had to pass, we had to remind them that we were on our way, "Excuse me, folks..." I say with a tray full of drinks for my 10-top. The Stupid Group had a Stupid Man who was standing more in the way than any of his friends. Stupid Man kept grunting and huffing, sometimes scoffing when we excused ourselves through the pathway to the computer and our tables. One of my tables is positioned on the other side of the computer table and when they got up, Stupid Guy decided he'd be less in the way standing next to that table. It doesn't occur to him that another table will be sat there immediately, and he will, once again, be in the way. Finally, their table was called, and another Stupid Group took their place. This Stupid Group had a Stupid Girl, and she decided that the computer station was a good place for her ass to rest while she waited. This really pisses me off, so I make drastic, passive aggressive movements, such as shifting the computer in order to give me safe distance from her ass, and moving the printer. At one point, I was arriving with another round of drinks for my 10-top, so I actually asked them if I could use this workspace for just a moment. I made sure to emphasize "workspace." The only thing I can think of when this particular peeve affects me, is that if one of these corporate suits was trying to move through his/her day and someone was sitting on their desk, would that be appropriate? Do you go into the doctor's office, and if the seats are full, do you sit on the receptionist's desk? I think not! Why in the world would my computer desk be an appropriate place for you ass? They got the hint with the wobbly tray of bar drinks, but still. Do you really need to be reminded that people are working? I don't know. I think my two Natural Disaster (snow) Days really helped. If I hadn't had those, I'm sure this post would be extremely different.
As I said, I closed. We close at 11, so I always start cleaning up around 10:30. At 11, we sill had six tables in the restaurant, and one dude at the bar. So we did what we could, clean-up wise, and slowly the tables started to leave. Great. By 11:30, there was only one table, a 2-top, who had been there for over 2 hours. We did everything. Finally, at 11:45, my manager told us we could put up the chairs, so we started in the back...did a few sections...took out the trash...threw out the empty beer bottles.....swept....put up a few more sections of chairs.....did some more stuff....put up some more chairs....we started putting chairs up in the section next to them (actually, I was not putting up chairs at this time, the other closers were), but they didn't get the hint until all the chairs were up around them. Unbelievable. It's a last resort to put the chairs up around a sitting table, but come on! We had been closed for nearly an hour! We were ready to go!
Overall, I made just enough to make rent, which was the primary objective.

Tomorrow: *OFF* :)


alex said...

I just read your entire blog. Glad to see it's still ongoing-- so many other restaurant folks give it up after awhile. Looking forward to following you.

Darby said...

Thanks for reading! I am trying to be diligent and NOT fall off, like I have so many other times before. Keep reading, and I'll keep posting! :)